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Blue is clue to evaluating diabetic retinopathy
New radar reduces breast cancer patients’ stress
Ticket scalping focus shifts to major concert ticket sales
Fast flows prevent buildup of impurities on edge of tokamak plasmas
How do ice giants maintain their magnetic fields?
UN underscores support for Lebanon following deadly Beirut clashes
To watch comet form, spacecraft could tag along for journey toward sun
Novel experiment measures neutron skin in calcium
Ultrafast and coupled – atomic vibrations in quantum material boron nitride
CMA closes investigation into British Airways and Ryanair
Radar used in breast cancer surgery in Australian first
Physicists snap first image of an ‘electron ice’
University of Freiburg Completes Investigation of Suspected Cases of Misconduct in Research
Extending power of attosecond spectroscopy
Extending LIGO’s Reach Into Cosmos
CMA continues action in PCR testing market
Cloud-spotting on distant exoplanet
Two held as haul of catalytic converters seized in Long Sutton
Catalog of Solar Stream Interactions
Mushballs stash away missing ammonia at Uranus and Neptune
Observing life cycle of skyrmions in exquisite detail
Understanding how electrons drive chemical reactions
Increasing lifespan and stability of human implantable medical devices
Role of Dscam1 alternative splicing bias in neuronal wiring
New Imaging Tool Visualizes Cell Functions in Microphysiological System
Police probe sudden death in Craignish
UN experts condemn raid on West Bank NGO, urge Israel meaningfully probe child deaths
Researchers Develop Novel NIR-II Phosphorescent Imaging Strategy
UCLA engineers bend light to enhance wavelength conversion
Gas-liquid flows faster than expected
Dusty remains of Comet ATLAS
APRA launches review of insurance risk management frameworks
Topological materials for ultrafast spintronics
Watching ultrafast dance moves of laser plasma
AMC approves operational Centerline Drogue System as first KC-46A Interim Capability Release milestone
Hydrogel-Based Flexible Brain-Machine Interface
Police probe sudden death in Eagleby 9 July
Protein’s ‘silent code’ affects how cells move
Goldfinder: scientists discover why we can find gold at all
Decoding electron dynamics
Paving way to artificial photosynthesis — effect of doping on photocatalyst SrTiO3
Uncovering Hidden Local States in a Quantum Material
Curtin research finds ‘fool’s gold’ not so foolish after all
Mechanism behind XFEL-induced melting of diamond unveiled
Scientists create a novel instrument to probe thermal states of extreme matter on Earth
Astrophysicists prepare for age of multimessenger astronomy; build galaxy catalog to study black holes
Cosmic Ray Influences on Star Formation in Galaxies
Location of receptors is decisive