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Mixing laser- and x-ray-beams
Superconductivity and charge density waves caught intertwining at nanoscale
KT fund and MA budget: bridging gap between CERN research and society
Study Reveals High Turnover and Rescue Effect of Scaffold Protein in Response to Heavy-ion Radiation
IAEA Helps Protect Patients and Staff in Dentistry
Nitric acid may influence formation of aerosol particles in upper troposphere
ALICE makes first direct observation of fundamental effect in particle physics
Organic polymeric scintillators excite X-ray community
What You Need to Know About Ion Beams
Magnetic nanoparticles in biological vehicles individually characterized for first time
New CRP: Improving External Dosimetry for Terrestrial Animals and Plants
Vaccinia virus MacGyvers makeshift tool to repair its DNA, exposing vulnerability
Immunotherapy may play role in treating nonmetastatic gastroesophageal cancer
Vertical matrix X-ray detector for multi-energy discrimination
Terahertz near-field microscopy based on an air-plasma dynamic aperture
Breast cancer treatment plans at touch of button
Radiation oncology services in Albany to be provided by GenesisCare
Discovery offers new clues to lichens’ evolutionary advantage
Our understanding of atom powers nuclear and accelerator techniques
Plants need light to live, but too much causes stress
Ice shards in Antarctic clouds let more solar energy reach Earth’s surface
Georgia Tech researchers develop wireless implantable vascular monitoring system
First Mutation-Targeted Bladder Cancer Drug May Be Under-Used
Ultrasound technology helps destroy liver tumors in rats
Researchers Investigate Low Emission Mode in Pulsar
Sun safety for children – new research will explore role of primary schools in preventing skin cancer
NRG oncology study of photon versus proton therapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma completes accrual
Materials synthesis research and study in terapascal range for first time
Regular blueberry consumptioncould help lower risk of dementia
Efficient production technique for novel ‘green’ fertilizer
Explosion on White Dwarf Observed
Scientists manage to form diodes from superconductors
ARPANSA leads world first in film dosimetry
Plans to safely manage medical and research waste
How an atom-thin insulator helps transport spins
Smoke from wildfires ages in atmosphere
ASTRO issues clinical guideline on radiation therapy for brain metastases
Scientists discover interaction between nanoplastics and bacteria
UC Davis Health clears way for construction on hospital of future
NIR-II-responsive Nickel-based Therapy Provides New Solution for Synergistic Oncotherapy
Research breakthrough means warp speed ‘Unruh effect’ can finally be tested in lab settings
Degrees in music and physics not such strange pairing for Sebastian
Using AI to predict bone fractures in cancer patients
First Rays of Sunlight for Sunrise III
Astronomers discover a rare “black widow” binary, with shortest orbit yet
“Black Widow” Star Devours Its Rapidly Circling Companion
New IAEA Safety Guide on Protection Against Internal and External Hazards for Nuclear Power Plants
Research proves correct dosage for ultraviolet disinfection against COVID