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Manufacturing Better Batteries Across Divide
Illinois Researchers Develop First Silicon Integrated ECRAM for AI Acceleration
Generating power with blood sugar
Advanced Technologies Extend Electric Vehicle Lifespan
Purdue ViPER Group Develops Long-Life Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Purdue Engineers Create Long-Life Li-Metal Batteries
Territory Minerals Shine on Global Market
7 Tips for Lithium-Ion Battery Safety
Mysterious Cave Formations Found in Battery
High Energy Rechargeable Batteries Degraded by Chemical Crossover
Hearing Aids Donated to Ukrainian Refugees
Battery recycling prevents fires
3D Structure of Rechargeable Batteries Unveiled
HKU Engineers Unlock Key to Safer, Efficient Lithium Battery
Strong Microwave Magnetic Fields for More Efficient Plasmas
New Process Stabilizes Zinc-ion Batteries
Cobalt Porphyrin Boosts Oxygen Reduction, Evolution Electrocatalysis
Solid-State Batteries: Superb Ion Conductivity Found
UOW to host Advanced Energy Storage workshop
Promising Cathode Found for Magnesium Batteries
NSF to Investigate Longer-Lasting, Affordable Batteries
Orange Cemetery implements security measures to curb vandalism
Scientists Reveal Obstacle to Ultra-Fast Charging Batteries
Stanford Scientists Solve Fast Charging Battery Puzzle
Developing Better Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries
Four UConn Researchers Take DoD University Research Equipment Awards
Official Match Ball for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 unveiled by adidas
Simulations Uncover Detail of Water Movement in Saltwater
Simulations and Experiments Uncover Water Motion in Salt Water
Smaller, Cheaper Flow Batteries For Clean Energy Created
Breathing supercapacitor
8 GTA Companies Get $14M to Boost Growth and Jobs
DOE Awards $42M for Cheaper, More Efficient EV Batteries in US
Researchers Investigate Battery Deterioration
Advice for last minute Christmas shoppers
Designing better battery electrolytes
CityU Researchers Create Wireless Skin VR for Vivid Virtual Touch
Rice flashes new life into lithium-ion anodes
Charging Future with Modern Aqueous Batteries
Parramatta Light Rail to transform Western Sydney
Feedback sought on ways to smother fire risks linked to lithium-ion batteries
Zinc batteries offer greater safety, but many improvements are needed to compete with lithium
Nanoengineers develop predictive database for materials
Take charge of battery safety this Christmas
“Furniture for Our Future” Project – for Families of Sub-divided Units Community distribution kicks off to enhance learning
Three Imperial academics with ERC Starting Grants to pursue ‘ambitious ideas’
NTU Singapore researchers convert recycled paper into battery parts for smartphones and electric vehicles
Converting waste paper into battery parts for smartphones and electric vehicles