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UTA gauges resilience of highways, bridges during natural disasters
Beauty is in brain of beholder: An AI generates personally attractive images by reading brain data
50% of Australians are prepared to pay more tax to improve aged care workers’ pay, survey shows
New study improves marine climate change evidence base
Alok Sharma welcomes UK-Bangladesh Climate Partnership and aims for real progress on access to finance ahead of COP26
Diabetes study furthers work on ‘artificial pancreas’
What Australian Seafood Industry can learn from COVID-19
Textiles, gibbets & enterprise: Book explores Halifax’s history
Cutting-edge analysis of prehistoric teeth sheds new light on diets of lizards and snakes
DV history raises elder abuse risk: study
Belly fat resistant to every-other-day fasting: study
New Zealand’s Climate Change Commission needs to account for huge potential health benefits of reducing emissions
Under 55’s found lockdown most challenging, finds survey
Study finds use of genomic testing in infection control could save 650 lives a year in Queensland
Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge
NTU Singapore scientists develop laser system that generates random numbers at ultrafast speeds
COVID-19 toolkit to boost vaccine development and research
Lyrebirds use siren song to lure sexual partners
Human rights law can provide a transparent and fair framework for vaccine allocations, researchers suggest
Indigenous expertise is reducing bushfires in northern Australia
A year on from arrival of COVID-19 in New Zealand: 5 lessons for 2021 and beyond
Baby mice have a skill that humans want – and this microchip might help us learn it
Important steps for transforming toxic molecules in air at low temperatures
Research informs Sports Medicine Australia’s new heat policy
Identification of ‘violent’ processes that cause wheezing could lead to better diagnosis and treatment for lung disease
Bushfire recovery hasn’t considered Aboriginal culture – but things are finally starting to change
Cycling in Wagga Wagga: share your thoughts
Satellite images show how these top predators alter desert
After 20 years, physicists find a way to keep track of lost accelerator particles
Having trouble sleeping? Here’s science on 3 traditional bedtime remedies
Superstructures formed by ‘walking’ molecules could help create neurons for regenerative medicine
Air pollution puts children at higher risk of disease in adulthood, according to Stanford researchers and others
Better sleep helps heart patient activity
What happens to immunity levels post COVID-infection?
Combined vaccination and physical distancing enough to prevent future COVID-19 surges
Making sense of mass data generated from firing neurons
Magnetic attraction: breakthrough test for malaria
Metabolic mutations help bacteria resist drug treatment
It’s ethically tricky, but there are ways to get it right
Banning news links just days before Australia’s COVID vaccine rollout?
New Advances Using Exotic Matter May Lead to Ultrafast Computing
True toll of coronavirus on sub-Saharan Africa may be obscured by tremendous variability
La Trobe A-W expert wins national awards
5 things you need to know about AstraZeneca vaccine now TGA has approved it for use in Australia
Rochester brain and cognitive sciences researchers receive national recognition
Two BU Researchers Awarded Sloan Fellowships
Why even try? Using brain science to answer one of life’s biggest questions
UCLA receives $2 million gift to support Taiwan Studies Program