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How robots learn to hike
Scientists designed assembly method of 3-arm robot to fix load plate on space station?
‘BRAINIACS’ Episode 7: 6G and Future of Wireless Tech
Bone growth inspired “microrobots” that can create their own bone
From 2D to 3D – how to inflate shapes via machine learning
Scientists build new atlas of ocean’s oxygen-starved waters
Crack open Christmas bomb-bombs
Novel Fluorescent Hydrogel Developed to Achieve Soft Biomimetic Color-changing Skins
Robot ‘Makos’ difference
Future is Robotic: University of Toronto Groundbreakers EP3
Technique speeds up thermal actuation for soft robotics
Queensland Police first in Australia to award national bomb technician diploma
Magical Parks For Magical Season
High-Tech Sewerage Robot
“My robot is a softie”: physical texture influences judgments of robot personality
Light-powered soft robots could suck up oil spills
New Wageningen technology designer programme to start in January
Peter van der Putten on Robo Rabbi and robot that performs funeral rituals
Building tactile future with Miguel Bruns
Social robots deserve our appreciation, bioethicist says
Local 12: Researchers expand robotic pet therapy study
Robots on move – interaction with real world
Drones show promise in speeding up communication with underwater robots for ocean surveys
Children and robots: future friends?
Giving Expo 2020 red meat flavour
No dust gathered on shelves while major upgrade of Hornsby Library continued during lockdown
La NASA desafía estudiantes diseñar robots para excavar en la Luna
Self-folding plant-based material that could form ‘intelligent’ green products
AFICC acquisitions bolster EOD readiness for FY21, beyond
Step towards natural interaction between robots and animals
How brain ignores distracting information to coordinate movements
Spotlight: Jennifer Case and Soft Robots, New Bots on Block
Combustion creates braille display for electronics
NASA Robots Compete in DARPA’s Subterranean Challenge Final
Dstl trials innovative solutions to ‘wet gap’ military challenge
Team Explorer Prepares for Final Round of DARPA SubT Challenge
Soft components for next generation of soft robotics
Stretching capacity of flexible energy storage
Physics behind water bear’s lumbering gait
Novel Design of Aggregation Induced Emissive Carbon Dots Gels Proposed for Octopus-inspired Robot
How schools of ‘microswimmers’ can increase their cargo capacity
Research analyzes investor reaction to robo-advisers, some people are missing an opportunity
NASA Invites Media to Briefing on Science Launching to Space Station 18 August
Will robot interactions be legal
Faster path planning for rubble-roving robots
Robots who goof: Can we trust them again?
Tiny ‘maniac’ robots could deliver drugs directly to central nervous system
Air-powered computer memory helps soft robot control movements