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Less chat can help robots make better decisions
New robot aims to make high-rise window and façade services faster and safer
New simulator helps robots sharpen their cutting skills
Origami comes to life with new shape-changing materials
Air-powered computer memory helps soft robot control movements
Gap between simulation and reality
Swimming at mesoscale
A universal approach to tailoring soft robots
Insect-sized robot navigates mazes with agility of a cheetah
PFN’s MN-3 Tops Green500 List of World’s Most Energy-Efficient Supercomputers for Second Time
Dartmouth research turns up heat on 3D printing inks
Clean power of starch
Ultrasensitive pressure sensors pave way for robot ‘skin’
Bruisable artificial skin could help prosthetics, robots sense injuries
Miniature robots controlled by magnetic fields
Bacteria-sized robots take on microplastics and win by breaking them down
Training robots to manipulate soft and deformable objects
Killer algorithms: how to keep military AI under human control
Future of artificial intelligence
State-of-the-art robotic technology arrives at St Andrew’s Ipswich Private Hospital
Ben-Gurion U. studies show promise using drones to elicit emotional responses
Robot arrivals ‘great achievement for Ipswich’
Creation Space opens – Mosman
An AI Robot for Pipetting
MIT Press breaks new ground with STEM-themed young-adult graphic fiction
Much interest in Farm of Future innovation vouchers
Way mice lick could reveal origins of neurological disorders
Helping robots collaborate to get job done
New law of physics helps humans and robots grasp friction of touch
Discovering candidate for reflex network of walking cats: Understanding animals with robots
Why robots need reflexes – interview
Robots could safeguard people from pain
New Law of Physics Helps Humans and Robots Grasp Friction of Touch
Cognitive neuroscience could pave way for emotionally intelligent robots
Smart dielectric elastomers for self-healing soft robots
Intelligent robots increase benefit from fresh produce
Autonomous Robotics: ethical challenges and legal repercussions
Quite a turnaround: What microrobots have in common with soap
CMU’s Snakebot Goes for a Swim
New Bionic Pain-perception System for Effective E-Skin Protection
Tactile textiles sense movement via touch
Feast for senses this National Science Week
New Mexico middle and high school students encouraged to apply for free, two-week Summer Physics Camp for Young Women
Play automation game
Robot “Hears” through Ear of a Locus
Snakeskin inspires new, friction-reducing material
Robot surgery brings mercy for proud parents
A memory without a brain