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Carnegie Mellon Roboticists go off road to compile data that could train self-driving ATVs
Meeting robots at Dounreay on Innovation Day
Winter Street Party Returns To Werribee City Centre
Carnegie Mellon researchers develop algorithm to divvy up tasks for human-robot teams
AI pretenders
Novel DNA Robots Designed for Swarming into Nonlinear Amplification
Action-packed activities on offer as Festival of Communities returns
New effective treatment for chronic stroke rehabilitation
Historic hip replacement makes difference
Comic Gong: Return of Superheroes
‘Swarming’ microrobots display versatile movement
When animal world inspires science
Electronic skin anticipates and perceives touch from different directions for first time
Molecular robots work cooperatively in swarms
Tiny robot cheetah breaks speed record
SUTD unlocks new approach to 3D print complex, functional components for soft robotics
Touchy subject: 3D printed fingertip ‘feels’ like human skin
Newly developed excavation robots shape archaeology of future
Watson Combat Robotics League to host first in-person tournament
Silicone raspberry used to train harvesting robots
Robots in biosecurity trial
MachyTech enables humans and robots to work safely together
Creating Our Robotic Allies
Robots reduce anxiety in children during hospital visits
Arts Unplugged to feature science of small
University-business collaboration project returns with new funding
It’s complicated: People emotionally tied to robots can undermine relationships with co-workers
Self-healing materials for robotics made from ‘jelly’ and salt
Run to Dinner
Feb. 25 Engineering in Action features Project VolCAN
Should we ban killer robots?
NWO grant for project on Artificial Intelligence in Agri food
Researchers Develop Methodology for Streamlined Control of Material Deformation
Scientists develop insect-sized flying robots with flapping wings
Researchers at UMass Amherst engineer new material that can absorb and release enormous amounts of energy
Imaginations run wild at library pop-up for kids
Tokyo Tech third at Techno-Ocean 2021 underwater robotics contest
Instagram teaches AI to recognize rooms
Soft, stretchable thermometer
How robots learn to hike
Scientists designed assembly method of 3-arm robot to fix load plate on space station?
‘BRAINIACS’ Episode 7: 6G and Future of Wireless Tech
Bone growth inspired “microrobots” that can create their own bone
From 2D to 3D – how to inflate shapes via machine learning
Scientists build new atlas of ocean’s oxygen-starved waters
Crack open Christmas bomb-bombs
Novel Fluorescent Hydrogel Developed to Achieve Soft Biomimetic Color-changing Skins
Robot ‘Makos’ difference