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ECB says closely monitoring financial markets
China says won’t bend rules for India to join nuclear club
Hozier says “never been more ready” to make follow-up to self-titled debut
Papyrus identifying ‘Jesus Christ’s wife’ is ‘probably a fake’ says religious academic
Japan says ageing nuclear reactors can stay functional
China says more talks needed to build consensus on nuclear export club
WHO says delaying pregnancy option for women in Zika areas
Cairo says ship searching for crashed EgyptAir flight has detected signals
Netanyahu says ready to discuss peace with Palestinians
EU chief says “instant and total integration” isn’t what Europeans want
Turkey says it could seize IS stronghold with US
Pope says migrants are ‘not dangerous, but in danger’
‘Gay sex causes earthquakes’ says conservative Muslim cleric who claims ‘Allah gets annoyed’ by such ‘disgusting encounters”
Greece says sanctions against Russia not productive
Netherlands says calls to boycott Israel allowed under freedom of speech
Hollande says to push through with labor reform despite protests
Obama says world leaders ‘rattled’ by Trump
Obama says several Vietnamese activists prevented from meeting him
Austria says presidential election result due earlier, after 1330 GMT
Greece says to begin evacuating migrants camped at border within days
‘Homosexuality just a trend,’ says senior Swedish cleric
Brexit will cost british workers equivalent of a month’s pay warns oecd