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New Zealand Presents Reduced Seabird Catch to International Forum
Migrating Birds Pose Lethal Threat of Avian Flu to Australian Birds
Feathered ‘Fingerprints’ Uncover Reasons for Seabird Migration
Feathered Fingerprints Uncover Seabird Migration Patterns
‘Constant bird song’ result of conservation on Mercury Islands
Long-Winged Birds Show Respect for Aging Mates
World’s longest-winged birds go easy on older partners
Community-based animal welfare grants awarded
Research shows ‘danger zones’ for wandering albatrosses
Offshore wind farms may harm seabirds, but scientists see potential for net positive impact
England’s treasured island seabird populations to be protected with new government funding
International Volunteer Managers Day Forum
Presenters Announced
Birds used to track light pollution at sea
Statement on work completed by Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada over summer
Rising sea temperatures threaten Atlantic populations of Bulwer’s petrels
Calling all local heroes
New guidance on mitigating impact of avian influenza in wild birds
Beach trash accumulates in predictable patterns on Washington and Oregon shores
Four BC First Nations conclude self-government agreements regarding education
Joint following meeting between President of Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern
Albatross populations declining due to invasive mouse species
Deciphering migratory pattern of smallest seabird in Mediterranean
Researches decipher migratory pattern of smallest seabird in Mediterranean
Penguin heaven: multi-decade science reveals secret lives of Adélies 13 May 2022
All creatures great and small helped with animal welfare grants
Canada supports Indigenous youth in BC through new program to reduce violence
ETBF seabird mitigation and reporting requirements 2022
$10,000 for Twinnies Pelican and Seabird Rescue
Tweed Citizen of Year is passionate about marine life
How to protect native, endangered birds from solar installations in Hawaiʻi
More than 200 Australian birds are now threatened with extinction – and climate change is biggest danger
New study suggests infrasound may play an important role in how seabirds navigate
Landfills and meat industry: new food sources for Medes Islands yellow-legged gull
Wildlife and environment winners from grant announcement
Seabird colony creates ‘halo’ of depleted fish stocks
Marine protected areas contribute to conservation of Audonin’s gull
Seabirds are today’s canaries in coal mine – and they’re sending us an urgent message
Seabirds face dire threats from climate change, human activity – especially in Northern Hemisphere
Endangered sea turtle released back into the ocean after rehab
107 endangered turtle hatchlings returned to ocean after successful nest rescue
New evidence shows important seabird nutrients reach coral reefs after rat eradication
How do Mediterranean and Atlantic seabirds interact with fishing fleet and fish farms?
‘By-the-wind sailor’ jellies wash ashore in massive numbers after warmer winters
‘By-the-wind sailor’ jellies wash ashore in massive numbers after warmer winters
Tiny turtles turn up near Evans Head
Albatros and petrels: roadmap to protect most threatened sea birds at sea
Female gannets go extra mile to feed chicks