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Scientists made a film dedicated to Ketsky stockade
Amr about positive aspects of admission to TSU
TSU archaeologists found ancient mines in Gorny Altai from space image
Large tides may have driven evolution of fish towards life on land
Godwit breaks record for trans-Pacific marathon
Scientists will discuss anomalies in Arctic and subarctic
Johannes Krause Wins “Fabio Frassetto” International Prize for Paleoanthropology
Tree rings show scale of Arctic pollution is worse than previously thought
Second part of tales from Kajbasovo station
Scientists will develop new models for prospecting gold and oil
Tales from Kajbasovo Station in Siberia, Russia
Study could rewrite Earth’s history
TSU is creating a device for remote monitoring of malaria mosquitoes
Reindeer were domesticated much earlier than previously thought, new study suggests
Respecting and protecting local birdlife
Open-air art brings colour and culture amid COVID-19
Oldest Connection with Native Americans Identified Near Lake Baikal in Siberia
Conservation walk and talk for World Migratory Bird Day
Modern humans, Neanderthals share a tangled genetic history, study affirms
Scientists proposed including swamps in Paris Agreement
Operation Knot – Dog walking compliance checks to increase at Casuarina Coastal Reserve
Indigenous Songs Are Storehouses Of Ecological Knowledge
Scientist is a co-author of largest study of ancient human DNA
TSU online resource will show government ideas of 16th century
A new study finds research gaps in environmental science disciplines across Arctic
Forum of cities at TSU: what makes Tomsk a university city
TSU holds a Siberian-style workshop
Norwegian Sami joined SecNet to research Siberia and Arctic
Siberian rock art provides new window into past
TSU has created most effective adsorbent for gas processing
IEM is creating “lean thinking” in Tomsk companies
TSU publications on other resources
Studying at TSU will help a Chinese scientist preserve nature in China
Scientists laminated titanium implants to protect against corrosion
Oases have appeared in Arctic from permafrost thawing
An orchid palm tree has appeared in TSU Siberian Botanical Garden
Volunteers from 5 countries worked at TSU
Northern seas expedition will make Arctic exploration safer
EcoCampTSU will begin August 20
Mobile Shelves with QR codes of books have appeared in Tomsk buses
TSU Chemistry Journal entered Chemical Abstracts Service database
Ancient history of Neandertals in Europe