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Siberian tundra could virtually disappear by mid-millennium
Molar reveals that mysterious human species Denisovans could adapt to extreme climate
Fossil tooth unlocks mystery of Denisovans in Asia
A fossil tooth places enigmatic ancient humans in Southeast Asia
What next Australian government must do to save Great Barrier Reef
WMO update: 50:50 chance of global temperature temporarily reaching 1.5°C threshold in next five years
How a volcanic bombardment in ancient Australia led to world’s greatest climate catastrophe
Rock lizards help transfer mite‐transmitted infections
Research predicts thawing of gas-saturated permafrost around oil and gas wells of Russian Arctic
How Do Atmospheric Water Vapor and Energy Transport Affect Sea Ice Variations?
Population Hub out of Africa explains East Asian lineages in Europe 45.000 years ago
Global “plastic flood” reaches Arctic
Dyatlov Pass mystery and what research article can trigger
Intense press coverage prompts new expeditions to Dyatlov Pass
Older Wildfire Smoke Plumes Can Affect Climate
TSU and IISER are studying microplastic in living beings
Wildfires devastate land they burn, and they are also warming planet
6 reasons why nuclear energy is not way to green and peaceful world
Permafrost peatlands approaching tipping point
“Japan can be a role model”
Can we resurrect thylacine? Maybe, but it won’t help global extinction crisis
Research questions explanation for last winter’s brutal U.S. cold snap
DCMS Secretary of State’s oral statement on Ukraine
Three critical factors in end-Permian mass extinction
With War, Censorship Reaches New Heights in Russia
Canberra well placed to play role in global asteroid detection
One Ocean Our Future immersive exhibition
Rising threat of wildfires
New technique will improve construction of ice roads and bridges
Did comet’s fiery destruction lead to downfall of ancient Hopewell?
Trees that tell story at Rolex Learning Center
Rivers speeding up Arctic ice melt at alarming rate
TSU mathematician is one of world’s highly cited researchers
Rich new field for ancient DNA discovery
Institute of Indigenous Peoples of North will be TSU-based
DNA in archaeological sediments
New dates for Viking trade
Official: Arctic Temperature Record Broken
38℃ record Arctic temperature confirmed, others likely to follow: WMO
WMO recognizes new Arctic temperature record of 38⁰C
Who were first to settle on Tibetan Plateau?
Increasing weather persistence in European summer
Has zombie apocalypse of forest fires begun?
TSU won an international grant to save rare books
Grants to preserve Swan Bay environment
TSU study on microplastic in Yenisei published in Water
Molecular Analysis Reveals Oldest Denisovan Fossils Yet
TSU glacier research in Aktru received high praise from WGMS