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Dirty secrets: sediment DNA reveals a 300,000-year timeline of ancient and modern humans living in Siberia
DNA from sediment reveals epic history of Denisova Cave
New geochemical study confirms cause of end-Permian mass extinction event
Early migrations of Siberians to America tracked using bacterial population structures
Batagay Megaslump reveals oldest permafrost in Eurasia survived intense global warming events
Warmer than average summer forecast in Arctic
Researchers figured out how ancestors of modern horses migrated
Newly identified atmospheric circulation enhances heatwaves and wildfires around Arctic
Arctic climate change to be tracked in new £13m research project
First we tamed turnips. Then we turned them into bok choy and other veggies
Artificial Intelligence and drones will help pin down Sosnovsky’s hogweed
Differences between leopards are greater than between brown bears and polar bears
WMO Aerosols Bulletin focuses on fires
New, almost non-destructive archaeogenetic sampling method developed
Was North America populated by ‘stepping stone’ migration across Bering Sea?
Cave deposits show surprising shift in permafrost over last 400,000 years
Seven Countries Account for Two-Thirds of Global Gas Flaring
Arbitrary Detentions at Pro-Navalny Protests: Russia
Scientists will find out how Great Vasyugan Mire cools Earth
Scientists will investigate Siberian jungle plants
A farewell to migrating shorebirds and their champion
Neanderthal Ancestry Identifies Oldest Modern Human Genome
TSU and SSMU scientists are working on an herbal cancer treatment
Russia’s Far East in Race to Net Zero Emissions
Mural to send shorebird awareness soaring
New evidence in search for mysterious Denisovans
‘Magical’ fire suppressant kills zombie fires 40% faster than water alone
Mixed temperatures highlight new “climate norms”
Scientists will find out how much microplastic is in snow
Durham subjects ranked among world’s best 4 March
Humans drive most of ups and downs in freshwater storage at Earth’s surface, Stanford study finds
Russia responsible for Navalny poisoning, rights experts say
Scientists have published data on Siberian greenhouse gas emissions
International Women’s Day Fundraiser to support victims of Domestic Violence
Study shows pollen records can measure ecosystem health
UN rights office ‘deeply dismayed’ by Navalny sentencing
Restoring coastal wetlands to fight climate change
NEW REPORT: Australia Takes Massive Financial Hit From Climate Change
Did dogs join us in settling Americas?
Building Resilience in a Warming World – Global Adaptation Summit 25
UN rights office ‘deeply troubled’ by Russian activist Aleksei Navalny’s arrest
How observing Earth from space protects our planet
Scientists made a film dedicated to Ketsky stockade
Amr about positive aspects of admission to TSU
TSU archaeologists found ancient mines in Gorny Altai from space image
Large tides may have driven evolution of fish towards life on land
Godwit breaks record for trans-Pacific marathon
Scientists will discuss anomalies in Arctic and subarctic