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Decaying Biomass in Arctic Rivers Boost Carbon Export: Study
Record Amount of Carbon Dioxide Emitted by 2021 Wildfires
Russia-Ukraine war has global impacts on conservation research
Police Chief on Judge’s JESCC remarks
Police respond to Judge’s JESCC critique
Mt Aspiring Rivers at dangerously high levels
Mercury Helps to Detail Earth’s Most Massive Extinction Event
Bering Land Bridge formed surprisingly late during last ice age
Khanty Dialects Show Greater Varieties than Slavic Languages
Forecasting Environment with Meteorology Data and Impact Analysis
Why rivers matter for global carbon cycle
Ancient Hunter-Gatherers High Mobility Revealed by DNA
Fossil Pollen Implicates Ozone Depletion in Mass Extinction
Fossil Plants Reveal UV Radiation Responsible for Mass Extinctions
Fossil Pollen Uncovers Ozone Depletion Role in Mass Extinction
Unexpected Insights on Bering Land Bridge and Ice Sheets Emergence
Bering Land Bridge Formed Surprisingly Late in Last Ice Age
Late Formation of Bering Land Bridge Revealed in Study
Hunter-gatherer social ties spread pottery-making far and wide
Hunter-Gatherers Spreading Pottery Skills Across Globe
Reading list – Culinary culture and tasty tales
Energy, war, and crisis in Ukraine
DNA from elusive human relatives Denisovans has left a curious mark on modern people in New Guinea
Immune system of modern Papuans shaped by DNA from ancient Denisovans
Oldest DNA ever found reveals a snapshot of a vanished world
Bats growl like death metal singers and Mongolian throat singers
Research provides new insights into record heat wave in western North America in 2021
Warmer Arctic Ocean leads to more snowfall further south
Genes and tongues are not always tied together
Genes and Languages
Genes and language do not always go together
Research Eurasia’s winter weather during ‘triple-dip’ La Niña
Global warming in Arctic increases megafires on permafrost
Study links Arctic warming to increasing Arctic wildfires
Satellite images show unprecedented Arctic fires
Ancient DNA analyses add new complexity to South America settlement
Diplomacy, Military Power Combined to Settle Superpower Dispute Over Missiles in Cuba
Peatland protection is climate protection
First-ever genetic analysis of Neanderthal family paints fascinating picture of close-knit community
Entomologist asks Pennsylvania hunters for help in deer ‘keds’ research effort
First-ever genetic analysis of a Neanderthal family paints a fascinating picture of a close-knit community
Warmer climate causing acidification of Arctic Ocean
These little miracles have flown 10,000km and now they need our help
Nobel Prize for Svante Pääbo
Wildfire Smoke May Have Amplified Arctic Phytoplankton Bloom
What killed dinosaurs and other life on earth?
Curious Kids: did humans hunt and eat woolly mammoths or dinosaurs?