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Scholarships supercharge UWA research projects
CMU To Lead NASA Space Technology Research Institute
Researcher Aims to Break World Record by Living Underwater 100 Days
Brain Changed by Space Travel: Research Reveals
Art & Science Collab to Bring Space Events to Lewisham
How to Build First City on Mars
NASA’s Joe Acaba to Serve as Agency’s Chief Astronaut
Scientists Uncover Evolutionary Secrets of Couch Potatoes via Cavefish Study
NASA, DARPA Will Test Nuclear Engine for Future Mars Missions
Low-Cost System Monitors Space Weather from Ground
Preventing Collisions of Small Satellites
‘Unexpected’ space traveller defies long-held theories about origin of Solar System
‘Unexpected’ space traveller defies theories about origin of Solar System
These freeze-drying algae can awaken from cryostasis, could help spaceflights go farther
Can Plasma Instability In Fact Be Savior for Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Thrusters
Future of space is female
World finally has its first ‘parastronaut’
Moon Microscope, Solar Arrays Launch on NASA’s SpaceX Cargo Ship
Catching dynamic Coronal Web
Space-age material could ensure success of future NASA missions
Drug discovery and development – in space
TRISH sends human health experiments aboard Polaris Dawn Mission
How to capture defunct satellites and other space junk and bring it back to Earth
UBC scientist is sending yeast and algae to space on Artemis 1
US defence, diplomacy forum open to all
On front lines of space innovation
Mars model provides method for landing humans on Red Planet
People stationed in Antarctica menstruate too – and it’s a struggle
Space travel: Bone aging in fast forward
British Embassy Reykjavik launches Icelandic children’s book
NASA, SpaceX Launch Climate Science Research, More to Space Station
TRISH awards three postdoctoral fellowships to further space health research
Bacteria for Blastoff: Using Microbes to Make Supercharged New Rocket Fuel
New book highlights public art that transforms urban spaces
Researchers debut Science Futures at Glastonbury
Microgravity analog culture profoundly affects microbial infection process in 3-D human tissue models
UNC blood clot expert working with NASA to study blood flow, clot formation in zero gravity
Scientists describe gravity telescope that could image exoplanets
Wind turbines, helicopters, weather and why turbulence matters
U of U Health experiment prepared for launch to International Space Station
Scripps Research chemists find quick way to synthesize novel neuroactive compounds in rainforest tree
Sailing into interstellar space
TRISH to enhance research on Ax-1 mission, data on human spaceflight impacts
Northrop Grumman Sends NASA Science, Cargo to International Space Station
Nuclear Technology Set to Propel and Power Future Space Missions, IAEA Panel Says
Brains of cosmonauts get ‘rewired’ to adapt to long-term space missions
How easy is it to create oxygen from water on Mars?
Predicting efficiency of oxygen-evolving electrolysis on Moon and Mars