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Can we persuade more school children to eat fruit and vegetables?
1 in 8 Americans over 50 show signs of food addiction, U-M poll finds
1 in 8 U.S. Over-50s Likely Have Food Addiction: Poll
Over 5,000 Cases of Obesity Avoided in Year Six Girls by Sugary Drinks Tax
Tax on Sugary Drinks Could Have Halted 5k+ Obesity Cases in 6th Grade Girls
AMA renews calls for sugar tax
Australia Joins 85 Nations Taxing Sugary Drinks
131 Million in Latin America Lack Access to Healthy Diet: UN
131M in Latin America & Caribbean Lack Healthy Diet: UN Report
Research shows fatty liver disease endangers brain health
Women Who Had Diabetes During Pregnancy May Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes by Drinking Coffee
Childhood health equity: urgent need to do things differently – now
Chlorophyll water can’t clear your skin or detox your liver
Mumbai Declaration leads to India’s first national No Sugar Day
New Study Shows Unhealthy Food Advertising Continues to Disproportionately Target Consumers of Color
World Diabetes Day highlights need for sugary drinks tax and better chronic wound measures
Healthy plant-based diets better for environment than less healthy plant-based diets
Magda’s Big Health Check cites AMA’s call for sugary drinks tax
Digital marketing of formula milk linked to unhealthy parental feeding practices
Winners of World Dental Development Fund announced
Top 40 Abstracts at ObesityWeek
Study links Loneliness to double risk of developing diabetes
Research reveals electronic health record tool can help children achieve healthy weight
Tools and education can reduce sugary drink consumption for low-income Latino families
Health habits are established early in life
Organisations encouraged to join Vic Kids Eat Well movement
New campaign launched as LiveLighter marks 10 year anniversary
Mumbai Declaration on Sugary Drinks and Healthy Food
Resources aid young people examine harmful digital marketing
New resources help young people to critically examine harmful digital marketing that push gambling unhealthy food and alcohol
Ultra-processed foods make up almost two-thirds of Britain’s school meals
Sweetened beverage taxes produce net economic benefits for lower-income communities
Obesity closes gap on tobacco in health scorecard
Young citizen scientists expose harmful industries tactics
Sleep added to American Heart Association’s list of heart disease health factors
Combined carbon and health taxes on food products could significantly contribute to net-zero targets and improve quality of diets
Now is time to protect kids from junk food advertising
Changing products on offer in shops and restaurants can lead to leaner, greener diets
AMA joins Rethink Sugary Drink partnership
AMA prosecutes case for tax on sugar in soft drinks
AMA joins Rethink Sugary Drink partnership
Excess sugar consumption costs Canada’s health-care system $5 billion each year
Kids bombarded by unhealthy advertising messages
Over one billion obese people globally, health crisis must be reversed – WHO
World Obesity Day 2022 – Accelerating action to stop obesity
Election policies should focus on child health, AMA says
AMA calls for Child Health Taskforce
Pandemic-Related School Closings Likely to Have Far-Reaching Effects on Child Well-Being