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Corals Indicate Friendly Algae for Consumption, Unveiling Potential Preservation Aim
Ocean warming intensifies viral outbreaks within corals
Building Consensus on Symbiodiniaceae Diversity Assessment in Coral Reef Science
Wrestling with Ethics of Brain-Computer Interfaces: Future Is Now
Study sheds light on ancient microbial dark matter
Computer Security: symbiosis of your life
Feathered Dinosaurs Had Relationship with Feather-Feeding Beetles, Fossils Show
Ambrosia Beetles Recognize Food Fungi by Scent
Microbes Sharing Immunological Memory May Benefit from Eating Together
DTU supports biotech industry with skilled engineers
Mushrooms Could Feed Millions, Tackle Climate Change: Study
Improved Fertilizer Production Method
Imperial alum wins Arts Foundation 2023 Futures Award
Researchers Uncover Novel Algae-Fungi Coexistence
Mycorrhizal Types Control Biodiversity Effects on Productivity
Symbiotic fungi produce attractants for bark beetles
Trees, Fungi Symbiosis Explained by Epigenetics
Bacteria Recycling Made Easier with New Transporter
26th Doctors’ Senate Awards Honours Language Evolution Study
Mycorrhizae Impact Biodiversity & Productivity
Mycorrhizal Diversity Impacts Productivity Biodiversity
HKU Scientists Uncover Coral-Algae Reward, Punishment System
Legume Locus Boosts Soil Bacteria Interaction
Uncovering Origins of Complex Life Forms
Breast conserving therapy may be treatment option for some patients with multiple breast injuries
Symbiotic CO2 Sequestration
Genome studies uncover new branch in fungal evolution
Two Lund University biologists awarded ERC Starting Grants
California Academy of Sciences researchers produce first-ever ‘family tree’ for aquarium-bred corals
Study finds gut-brain link tied to social development
Plant hormones to help prevent Striga invasion
Ambrosia beetles breed and maintain their own food fungi
Efficient Enzyme “Cocktail” from Penicillium Consortium Enhances Lignocellulose Biodegradation
Microbial enzymes are key to pectin digestion in leaf beetles
Fungi important in freshwater ecosystems
Differences in fungus in reared and wild ambrosia beetles suggest artificial method to prevent wilt disease
Researchers get USDA-NIFA grant to study corn-soil fungi interactions, symbiosis
Understanding cooperation and conflict in plant symbionts
Biologists engineered insect-bacterial mutualism in ‘bucket list’ achievement
Phosphate biosensors could lead to more efficient fertilizer usage
Sowing seeds for better food crops