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Seals coming in to rest on Whanganui beaches
Old mate Ned finds himself a home
Parents encouraged to reduce sugar hit for their kids this Easter
Study reveals new function for odontoblasts
Beware of environmental health risks in flood clean up
Level 2 Water Restrictions to begin this week in Bredbo
Boil water notice for Bartle Frere extended
Non-urgent presentations place pressure on public EDs
Boil water notice for Bartle Frere
World’s oldest DNA reveals how ice age mammoths evolved
Expert emphasizes importance of boiling water
Time to check your bulls and rams
University of Alberta dentistry school partners with Métis Nation of Alberta to improve access to oral health care
Spectacular fossil discovery: 150 million-year-old shark was one of largest of its time
Appeal after violent road-rage incident at Fairfield
Dental care for dogs and cats
Man assaulted at Hawks Nest
Boil water notice – Mirriwinni
Appeal after teen robbed – Castle Hill
COVID-19 business support fund is replenished
Police update 1: vision released – hit and run, Loganlea
Aesthetic Denture clinic transforms into Dental Powerhouse
Police seek witnesses: Hit and run, Loganlea
Mandrills; timing is everything
For mandrils, timing is everything
Curious Kids: could dinosaurs evolve back into existence?
Cutting back on noise and dust at roadworks thanks to innovation
Identical evolution of isolated organisms
Prehistoric Shark Hid Its Largest Teeth
A Girls Guide to Being Fearless: How to Find Your BRAVE
Researchers engineer tiny, shape-changing machines that deliver medicine to GI tract
Discounted dental care for veterans featured on NEWS CENTER Maine
Bredbo to be placed on level 2 water restrictions
Government’s Sham ICAC Has No Friends
Study: Women Suffer More from COVID-related Orofacial Pain
Police search for missing man Matthew Paull
Babinda icon croc euthanised
Rare 8,000 year old child burial reveals secrets of dead
EZ Smile pays penalty for alleged misleading statements on its website
Tooth marks and lost teeth offer insights into dinosaur feeding behavior
Mates investigating mates shows ICAC needed
Single Laser Produces High-Power Dual Comb Femtosecond Pulses
A tiny jaw from Greenland sheds light on origin of complex teeth
World Cavity-Free Future Day says oral health is everyone’s responsibility
Mechanical forces of biofilms could play role in infections
Liberal & Labor put millionaires before million unemployed with deal to pass tax cuts
Police search for missing woman Olga Nemeth
Community flood advice