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Mitsubishi Electric and Tokyo Tech Develop Blockchain Technology to Optimize P2P Energy Trading For more flexible trading
Mechanophores: Making Polymer Crystallization Processes Crystal Clear
Quantum Mysteries: Probing an Unusual State in Superconductor-Insulator Transition
Novel Crystalline Oxide May Solve Problem of Overheating in Composite Materials
Turning Heat Down: Catalyzing Ammonia Formation at Lower Temperatures with Ruthenium
Quantitative Approach on Understanding How Epigenetic Switches Control Gene Expression
Silver Linings: Adding Silver to Nanoclusters Can Do Wonders for their Luminescence
Amino Acid Recycling in Cells: Autophagy Helps Cells Adapt to Changing Conditions
Multiple Semiconductor Type Switching To Boost Thermoelectric Conversion of Waste Heat
Rise of Underdog: A Neglected Mechanism in Antiferromagnets May be Key to Spintronics
Having it Both Ways: A Combined Strategy in Catalyst Design for Suzuki Cross-Couplings
Neurobiology of Thirst: Neural Mechanisms that Control Hydration
Taking a Shine to Polymers: Fluorescent Molecule Betrays Breakdown of Polymer Materials
Fostering creativity in researchers: How Automation Can Revolutionize Materials Research
Smaller than Ever-Exploring Unusual Properties of Quantum-sized Materials
Divide and Conquer-Modular Controller Design Strategy Makes Upgrading Power Grids Easier
Meeting Announcements: Take part an online symposium held by Tech’s revolutionary research hub, WRHI
Scientists Discover New Organic Compounds That Could Have Helped Form First Cells
World’s fastest directly modulated laser exceeding 100-GHz bandwidth Membrane laser on silicon carbide substrate
3D hand pose estimation using a wrist-worn camera
New study shows how complex metabolism may have self-assembled from simple precursors
DNA-peptide interactions create complex behaviours which may have helped shape biology
Study discovers process that may have produced first organic molecules for life on Earth
An enhanced ruthenium-based catalyst for primary amine synthesis
New Study Finds Novel functions of Pyruvate-Sensing Protein PdhR in
Bridging Gap Between Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Topological Insulators
New Insights into How Drug Pomalidomide Fights Cancer
Resonant tunneling diode oscillators for terahertz-wave detection
Squaring Circle-Breaking Symmetry of a Sphere to Control Polarization of Light
Shedding Light on Development of Efficient Blue-Emitting Semiconductors
A Ferry Protein in Pancreas Protects It from Stress Induced by a High-Fat Diet
Sub-Nanoparticle Catalysts Made from Coinage Elements as Effective Catalysts
Evidence of Power: Phasing Quantum Annealers into Experiments from Nonequilibrium Physics
Saving marine life: Novel method quantifies effects of plastic on marine wildlife
Small Enzyme-Mimicking Polymers May Have Helped Start Life
A leap forward for biomaterials design using AI Data-driven approach allows for advanced material screening
Tiny Protein Packages Released from Cells May Serve as Biomarkers for Early Blood-Based Cancer Diagnosis
Fostering friendships and films from across globe
Filling Void in Ammonia Synthesis: Role of Nitrogen Vacancies in Catalysts
Florian Breider: a passion for all things Japanese
Greater Connectedness in Remote Areas: A Ka-band Transceiver for Satellite Communications
Scientists identify missing source of atmospheric carbonyl sulfide Study provides better understanding of plants’
Way, Shape and Form: Synthesis Conditions Define Nanostructure of Manganese Dioxide
Move over Akita: Introducing ‘Kuma Mutant’ Mice for Islet Transplantation Research
Ferried Across: Figuring Out Unconventional Spin Transport in Quantum Spin Liquids
Heat Smarter, Not Harder- How Microwaves Make Catalytic Reactions More Efficient
Giving Movement to Micro: Novel Technique Moves Micro-particles using Electric Fields
‘Ironing’ out differences: Understanding superconductivity in ultrathin FeSe