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Psychosocial health rules during COVID-19 quarantine
Distance learning. What is happening?
TSU will use distance education for prevention of COVID-19
Scientists proposed including swamps in Paris Agreement
Physicists are creating conditions for sintering alloys
TSU will create a center for testing new chemical technologies
Scientists have created a new drug for influenza
Scientist is a co-author of largest study of ancient human DNA
TSU online resource will show government ideas of 16th century
Laos plans to protect people from floods using TSU geoportal
Articles by TSU scientists are among leaders of world citation
“Phoenix” helps to treat bone cancer without reducing bones’ strength
New guests from Germany learned about culture of Siberia
Over 50 years, temperature in north Siberia has increased by 4°
World’s first safe analgesic passed preclinical trials
TSU suggested how to replace scandium in materials for shipbuilding
Russia and UK scientists will explore Vasyugan Swamp
TSU found how nanoparticles from environment enter brain
Scientists’ articles have been published in top journals
TSU physicists have created one of most efficient rocket fuels
TSU team and Haiphong school take a step toward digital education
TSU opens its 10,000 square meter ice rink
Entrepreneurship discussed at IEM
TSU engineers create drones based on digital twins
Materials used for skyscrapers will be improved
Biologists will use Aeroschup to clean plastic from water
Scientists make signal and image processing algorithms better
Ethnographers from Russia and France signed a collaboration agreement
TSU has opened an AI laboratory to solve problems of Industry 4.0
Forum of cities at TSU: what makes Tomsk a university city
TSU holds a Siberian-style workshop
Norwegian-Russian Winter School invites participants
Norwegian Sami joined SecNet to research Siberia and Arctic
TSU is first in Russia to perform 3D printing with plastic tecason
TSU physical sciences rose in ТНЕ subject ranking
Tomsk was on Great Tea Road in 19th Century
Chemists will reduce implant rejection with soluble polymers
New research for improved treatment of cancer and heart attacks is und
21st-century lawyers: intellectual law accelerates idea generation
A computer model has learned to detect prostate cancer
Russia and France will create a network to study Siberia and Arctiс
TSU hosts first international microsurgery summit
Synchrotron experiment will help to improve gallium arsenide sensors
TSU rises in U.S. News Best Global Universities ranking
Scientists are creating alloys that can withstand loads of space
TSU has created most effective adsorbent for gas processing
Volunteers from Slovakia will work on projects at TSU for 10 months
TSU confirms a high position in ТНE humanities ranking