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HITs educational platform for programmers will accelerate learning
New café Diners will deliver lunch to TSU buildings
Courier drone is taught to plot a route without GPS
TSU geographer made first-ever landscape map of Medny Island
TSU exercise system will help those who study or work while sitting
Chemists will discuss prospects for catalysis
Marker will reduce search time for antibiotics in products
Physicists created a model to predict properties of any molecule
Changes in Tuva ecosystems do not fit global trends
TSU astronomers are studying evolution of space debris orbits
Tomsk chemists have launched domestic production of fire retardant
Scientists have identified 300 previously unrecorded fish species
TSU has risen strengthened its position in rankings
Freshman 2020 Guidelines and Instructions
Timetable for beginning of academic year at TSU
How TSU will begin new academic year
Scientists create an electrical power source for oil exploration
Second part of tales from Kajbasovo station
International scientists discovered a new genus at Aktru station
Scientists will develop new models for prospecting gold and oil
Tales from Kajbasovo Station in Siberia, Russia
Scientists will discover how to weaken coronavirus
TSU fence will exhibit Memorable Things project
TSU metallurgists have created hardest example of slippery ceramic
Young psychologists will conduct support consultations
TSU online course is in top 20 most popular in world
TSU has good results in ShanghaiRanking 2020
Researcher will help CERN to “lighten” data warehouse system
Astronomy and big data: TSU will train a new type of physicists
World’s largest peatland helps solve global climate problems
TSU has installed new monitoring equipment on Aktru glaciers
TSU is creating a device for remote monitoring of malaria mosquitoes
TSU will launch first ceramic dental post production in Russia
TSU is in QS top 250 and top 100 most international universities
TSU has discovered a rare species of hantavirus in Tomsk Region
TSU has discovered a rare species of hantavirus in Tomsk Region
International Management program invites applicants
Good results for TSU in metallurgy and inventive activity
Accumulation of minerals depends on a person’s gender
Applicants from China began online preparation for admission to TSU
TSU biologists will test Russia’s largest river for microplastics
TSU conducted a tour of new dormitory
Results of new RUR ranking
TSU chemistry programs received international accreditation
British schoolchildren are studying Northern nature with TSU films
Scientists will explain popularity of vaccination myths
TSU will open a center for study of French with AUF
Coronavirus in Tomsk Region: current situation