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TSU geneticists are investigating new protein functions
How TSU scientists launch and upgrade Large Hadron Collider
SKATE TSU swimmer won 2022 Finswimming World Championships
Tomsk scientists will develop device to neutralize chemical hazards
Results of speaking clubs activities were discussed in TSU
TSU and Neurotrend laboratory opened neuroscience center
Scientist co-edits monograph on new methods of brain research
TSU conducted workshop for teachers of Russian in Hanoi
TSU and National University of Uzbekistan will strengthen partnership
Researchers find new indicators of Alaska permafrost thawing
TSU participated in an international linguistic project
Russian-Chinese research team has sequenced genome of Thalictrum
TSU has entered top-100 universities in RUR ranking
Design project from Tomsk wins prestigious iF Design Award
Rock lizards help transfer mite‐transmitted infections
How much methane and CO2 do Siberian lakes gather during winter?
TSU-developed paint will help fight nosocomial infections
TSU opens three computer classrooms in residence halls
TSU will collaborate with major university in Malaysia
TSU and IISER are studying microplastic in living beings
TSU will examine Kolva River and plan restoration
New co-working space opens in Parus
TSU mathematician is one of world’s highly cited researchers
Institute of Indigenous Peoples of North will be TSU-based
New discovery can save children with anomalous brain development
TSU won 21 trophies in All-Russian underwater sports championship
110 teams will compete in Counter-Strike to win 550,000 Rubles
TSU mathematician is in 2% of world’s most cited scientists
TSU won an international grant to save rare books
TSU study on microplastic in Yenisei published in Water
TSU glacier research in Aktru received high praise from WGMS
TSU’s FabLab has opened
Scientists edit international scientific journals
Scientists are leading international group in Venus studies
Head of TSU Confucius Institute receives medal
EU plans to collaborate with TSU Center of Science and Ethics
Chemists from TSU and Italy will save humanity from acid rains
Maastricht surgeon defends his PhD on vestibular implants at TSU
Key to understanding: TSU held Plain Writing Day
TSU biologists edit special issue of Plants on Arctic climate change
TSU geneticists will modify oil-destroying bacteria
TSU and South Korean scientists will develop new materials for implant
Russian and German institutes discuss climate change in Russia’s north
TSU won special grant in second stage of Priority 2030 program
First carbon capture facility in Russia will be created in Tomsk
TSU archaeologists found rare Neolithic artifacts on Nyasha Island
Researchers identify regions satisfied with their quality of life
Shrub expansion in Arctic has accelerated permafrost thawing