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TSU has patented device for rehabilitating Covid patients
Physicist from USA studies ozone in Tomsk
U-NOVUS forum participants discussed climate change
Fish returned to Komi River after oil was cleaned
Classical philology Majors are interning at Chersonesos
TSU biologists monitor bird migration with ISS
TSU and SPbSRIVS will engineer new generation of vaccines
Summer school of Russian language
Intensive course in robotics at Tomsk State University
TSU research will predict new epidemics
TSU laboratory will check security systems at transport station
TSU will train specialists for restoration of Earth’s ecosystems
Scientists to clarify data on mining on 5,000 sq km
TSU entered ARWU in Energy Science for first time
Modern poster exhibition Typomania-2021 begins at TSU
Microbes metabolizing toxic substances were found in burning coal seams of Kuzbass
Twisted particles could give physics a new trend
Scientists have found new parasites in bats from Asia
TSU helps a project for VR rehabilitation of disabled people
TSU entered RUR top 50 in Teaching ranking
Scientists made a film about disappearing lakes in permafrost
Scientists will find out how Great Vasyugan Mire cools Earth
Scientists’ algorithm will diagnose thyroid tumors faster
Scientists will investigate Siberian jungle plants
Why do we need to have a broad view?
Admission for Business and Management program is open
TSU and SSMU scientists are working on an herbal cancer treatment
A new technology for transforming plastic is being patented at TSU
Fourth season of Open Doors Olympiad has ended
Scientists have learned how nervous system behaves in ischemia
TSU historians will research medieval texts using AI
TSU laboratory will study how diabetes occurs
Scientists will expand materials suitable for 3D printing
Studying plankton with a digital holographic camera will help ecology
There are more shark and ray species in cold seas of Russia
Scientists’ data will help in examining patients with stroke
Scientists are synthesizing a unique refractory material
Scientists will find out how much microplastic is in snow
TSU chemist is developing a material for treating complex burns
Scientists discovered 1000 objects in Valley of Kings
Scientists investigate microdamage in aircraft glass
Scientists have learned how dangerous aerosols are formed
Scientists have published data on Siberian greenhouse gas emissions
More than 500 species of marine macrofauna can expand Russian fish
Educational mountaineering: TSU has developed a lesson route in Altai
How to present your project and final paper: basics of public speaking
Vietnam uses TSU developments to ensure safety
New coating will protect electronics at extreme temperatures