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Floor Alkemade is researching how energy transition can be sped up
Hans de Jong becomes new board member of University Fund Eindhoven
Climate Adaptation, Mitigation Must Reinforce Each Other
Hella Jongerius weaves 9-meter high artwork for renovated Neuron building
Major NWO grants for five research consortia involving TU/e
How can we make tunnels safe and fast for traffic?
Ultrafast writing with light
Brainport Region among world’s leading tech ecosystems
Forgotten women in natural sciences
Cyclists are solution, not problem
Electron pairing in quantum dots as new approach to qubit research
1.4 million euros for research on circular renovation
Embarking on new adventure with huge European grant
Embarking on new adventure with ERC grant
Update on TU/e’s Scale Jump: proposal soon heading for Hague
From Eindhoven to China: taylor can barely keep up with demand
In search of perfect match schedule
How fear was used to pave way for computer
New ways to grow human ‘mini-bones’
Data leak investigation ID-Ware complete
Forward-thinking offers perspective in times of gas crisis
Advancing trusted security for future quantum world
Building backbone of information society
How TU/ecomotive is getting United States to think about sustainable road transportation
TU/e presents Drivers of Change at Dutch Design Week 2022
Skin and hair in 3D
Within CUCo, research may fail, as long as it is unusual and educational
Synthetic cells communicate with organic cells
Bill Gates’ climate fund invests in two Dutch spin-offs TU/e
What future for humanity in society governed by AI?
What future for humanity in society governerd by AI?
Educated Guesses seeks to take guessing out of education
Workout for cartilage implants
Four terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30% efficiency
These are 10+1 big winners of Gerard & Anton Awards
Honest gossip may not be bad thing after all
Submarines to fight cancer
Hermann Staudinger Prize for Bert Meijer
Why solar panels do not always live up to expectations
Change system, not climate
‘Invest more in talent so Brainport can fulfil its potential for Netherlands and Europe’
Beyond air conditioning: how design can inspire us to deal differently with heat
Cell chatter tells story of arterial thickening
Each Amber should soon replace twenty private cars
Bart Somers: “The combustion engine still has life in it”
Top leaders speak at TU/e about contributing to Europe’s technological sovereignty
Artificial skin sweats on command
SMART Photonics and TU/e enter into strategic partnership