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Perverse cycle of warming climate and rise of air conditioners
Warm technology puts people with dementia center stage
Three technologies enter market thanks to Take Off funding
Vidi grant will advance mathematical research into digital communication
TU/e’s driver of entrepreneurship
Blue Jay unveils drone that evacuates elderly in case of fire in nursing homes
Investment in WUR spin-off boosts development of sustainable alternative to palm and coconut oil
TU/e to acquire top electron microscope
Risks, smoke alarms and advice
Test and experience workplace of future
Machine learning helps in predicting when immunotherapy will be effective
TU/e and Radboudumc join forces with creation of biomedical platform Biotrip
Social Heroes, flight of hummingbird, and FameLab winners all on Heroes Like You TV
A new ‘twist’ to viscoelastic bridges
A new ‘twist’ to break viscoelastic bridges
New medicinal key to back door
How to shut down power stations of cancer cells
A research year with no juicy highlights
Amazing world of flame balls, doughnuts and horseshoes
Designing natural-based synthetic materials
CWTS 2021: TU/e retains top position on collaboration with industry
Alexandra Cloherty and Mohammad Jouy Bar winners of Dutch FameLab final
Prefab concrete from Paviljoen building reused
Dutch Technology Week is about to start: where should you go?
2.5 million euros for liquid metal reactor walls
Heroes of past and present: ones who are oiling wheels at university
Researchers at Eindhoven and Delft call for more ventilation in fight against corona
“If you choose technical engineering, then you also have to take responsibility”
New insight on tissue growth in synthetic vessels used for kidney dialysis
Why perovskite solar cells tend to segregate under influence of light
Magnetic microbead mixing to speed up molecular testing
Laptop and peg puzzles elbow out me-time
First resident of 3D-printed concrete house in Eindhoven receives key
Cum Laude for light emitting silicon
Dutch Academy rewards Eindhoven scientists for their efforts in science communication
Major EU grants for groundbreaking research into scoliosis and transplant organ rejection
From an artificial uterus to a robot brain: new season of docuseries ‘Driven by Challenges’ kicks off
MantiSpectra: Seeing more with invisible light
TU/e resumes preferential policy for hiring female scientists
Eindhoven corona invention goes international
Flowers from other gardens thanks to ten-year-old EuroTech
Vici grant for mathematician Remco Duits
Statistical model shows: earthquakes in Groningen are partly aftershocks
1.4 billion for Growth Fund projects involving TU Eindhoven
Smart windows regulate right light in greenhouse
Sustainable alternative to social housing reaches highest point
Best labor market prognosis for five TU/e master’s programs
Smart algorithms make packaging of meat products more efficient