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‘There’s greater need for confidential advisors than I expected’
GOAL 3 takes steps in fight against needless mortality in Africa
Stein Stoter wins postdoc paper pitch competition
Smarter cities through better data sharing and accessibility
Breast cancer treatment plans at touch of button
Liveblog TU/e Research Day 2022
Broadening and strengthening high-tech sector in Netherlands
Prestigious NWO Gravitation funding for new TU/e polymer research center
National Growth Fund supports revolutionary research into self-thinking molecular systems
Cognitive training to stay focused when brain is overstimulated
How Eindhoven heat battery can quickly make millions of homes gas-free
Photonics sector Eindhoven gets major boost with 1,1 billion euro investment
National Growth Fund awards 1.6 billion euros to projects in which TU/e is involved
500 households are warm thanks to ‘rechargeable’ iron powder
Affordable and productive electrolysis from 3D printer 12 April
How to build brain-inspired neural networks based on light
Research talent to work on AI, photonics and energy with Veni grant
‘The default is no longer solely research’
Without gasping for air safely in artificial womb
TU/e leads project for world’s first ‘Smart Circular Bridge’ in city
Developing an artificial mathematical teacher
Affordable and productive electrolysis from 3D printer
Shine light at work 6 April
Clock is ticking: urgent action needed to meet 1.5 degree Celsius goal
Shine light at work
Sweet way to study blood vessels near tumors 4 April
Sweet way to study blood vessels near tumors
Printing optical chips as layered cake
NPO executive Paul Doop joins TU/e Supervisory Board
‘Groningen is Saudi Arabia of Europe’
Chasing world’s first Brain-on-Chip AI computer
Simbeyond’s simulation technology brings products to market faster and with less errors
MachyTech enables humans and robots to work safely together
‘Commercialising product is completely different ballgame than inventing it’
TU/e leads multi-million euro research project into better care for people with dementia
TU/e supports those affected by war in Ukraine
How to convert carbon dioxide into building blocks for fuel
Using games to encourage healthier lifestyle
Second AI master at TU/e responds to great need for AI engineers of future
Light-based wearable to detect sleep apnea
Multifunctional biomaterial prevents bacterial infection
Internet of food
Home-based rehabilitation for cardiac patients as effective as in hospital
Condolences following fatal skiing accident
Ultrafine particle sensors for drastic improvement of air quality
Future is bright for Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering
DENS wants to grow: ‘Our dissatisfaction is our drive to keep going’
Making mechanical ventilators smarter through data-driven algorithms