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Endocrinology specialist diagnoses patient with rare bone-weakening disease
Improved ultrasound techniques for cancer diagnostics
Scientists discover Cytochrome P450 family member CYP39A1 can block hepatocarcinogenesis
Awards & Accolades 13 January
Researchers discover mechanism controlling tertiary lymphoid structure formation in tumors
Obesity might lead to cancer. Now we know why
Researchers Develop Optical Biopsy System that Detects Liver Cancer
Covid antibody response to 2 or 3 doses of BioNTech-Pfizer vaccine in patients with cancer
Light-controlled “drug-free” macromolecules for precise tumor therapy
Mild autonomous cortisol secretion predominantly affects women, linked to risk for hypertension, diabetes
Physician performs Air Force’s first airway stent procedure
In breast cancer, best defense is strong offense
Smart transformable nanoparticles promise advances in tumor diagnoses, treatment
Breaking chain that culminates in cancer
PKU Cancer Hospital publishes real-world evidence on Minimally Invasive and Open Esophagectomy
By putting cancer cells to sleep, new drug could prevent tumor metastasis
Key factor sustaining malignant tumor state identified
Prostate cancer cell that got away
Local 12: Researchers expand robotic pet therapy study
Research encourages cautious approach to CRISPR therapeutics
Medscape: Is collecting long-term cancer follow-up data worth it?
Novel Inhibitor Discovered for B-cell Lymphomas Treatment
Clinical significance of angiographically detectable neovascularity in patients with cardiac myxoma
Researchers Develop Novel Targeted Nano-immunostimulant for Cancer Immunotherapy
Novel mechanisms for establishment of intratumoral heterogeneity and drug-resistance in SCLC
Researchers Reveal Novel Checkpoint Molecule of Natural Killer Cell Anti-tumor Immunity
Chimeric exosomes co-activate immune response and tumor microenvironment for cancer immunotherapy
Mutated cells drive out early tumors from esophagus
Role of circulating miRNAs and CA19-9 in pancreatic cancer diagnosis
New surgical procedure developed to cure watery eyes
Break through tumor’s protective shield
Villain fueling certain cancers
A novel “biological missile” targeting malignant tumor
Analyzing protein interaction networks finds previously unknown cancer drivers
Putting target on breast cancer that spreads to brain
New way to count micronuclei in cells
BAK/MCL1 complexes can predict chemotherapy drugs sensitivity in cancer cell
Researchers discover unexpected blind spot of immune system
Research reveals stem-like T cells could aid immunotherapy in cancer treatment
Cancer Treatment with Built-in Light
Brief window of opportunity identified to prevent pediatric glioma formation
Berry vine in Asia proves useful in combating lung cancer
Researchers Develop Novel NIR-II Phosphorescent Imaging Strategy
Researchers Reveal Molecular Subtypes and New Precise Therapy for KRAS Mutant Cancers
Potential therapeutic target identified
Breakthrough in understanding genesis of fibroids
Platform to control HNSCC recurrence following tumor resection
Molecular atlas reveals how brain cells develop