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Ludwig Cancer Research study shows how certain macrophages dampen anti-tumor immunity
Identification of RNA editing profiles and their clinical relevance in lung adenocarcinoma
Fox 47 News: Millions granted for childhood brain cancer research
Cancer cell chemical activates anti-tumor drug to avoid side effects of conventional therapy
Fluorescence Imaging Based on Nanoparticles Supports Tumor Diagnosis
Oncotarget: Hippo pathway, RABL6A, and p53-MDM2 axes in sarcomas
Oncotarget: Retaining nanomolar potency in lung cancer with therapy-refractory mutations
Two complete responses and response rate of 41% for people with synovial sarcoma reported
Oncotarget: comprehensive genomic profiling test, GEM ExTra
Microenvironment of breast cancer in three dimensions
Spread of Breast Cancer Linked to Newly Discovered RNA Splicing Mechanism
UChicago study finds lasofoxifene a promising treatment for resistant breast cancer
Moffitt researchers discover regulatory pathway that blocks immune response against cancer
A patch for activation of anticancer drug inside tumor
Ludwig Johns Hopkins researchers develop new DNA detection method to improve liquid biopsies
Chemical ‘nose’ sniffs critical differences in DNA structures
Review outlines approaches to deliver radiation to tumors while sparing healthy tissue
Ludwig Cancer Research study shows pancreatic cancer cells hit reverse to advance in malignancy
Dietary amino acid determines fate of cancer cells
Targeting drug-resistant breast cancer with estrogen
Improving drug efficacy against prostate cancer and related bone growths
Research brief: Improving rug efficacy against prostate cancer and related bone growths
Improving rug efficacy against prostate cancer and related bone growths
New study reveal targeted therapy working in early breast cancer
Scientists’ algorithm will diagnose thyroid tumors faster
Tracing tumors: targeting and imaging cancer cells
Researchers uncover how cells control physical state of embryonic tissues
Two Ludwig Cancer Research scientists named Fellows of American Association for Cancer Research
Electromagnetic fields hinder spread of breast cancer, study shows
3D biopsies to better understand brain tumors
Scientists ‘farm’ natural killer cells in novel cancer-fighting approach
Ionic liquid formulation uniformly delivers chemotherapy to tumors while destroying cancerous tissue
Cancer Models Created by Mechanical Engineers Offer New Insight Into Tumor Growth
MD Anderson and UroGen Pharma announce strategic research collaboration to advance investigational treatment for high-grade bladder
Researcher Receives NCI Grant to Study New Strategies to Prevent Cancer Metastasis
MRI frequently underestimates tumor size in prostate cancer
Scientists have studied tumor-associated macrophages in cancers
Scientists Unlock Promising Key to Preventing Cancer Relapse After Immunotherapy
New Study Unveils 3D Human Liver-Chip Emulating Premetastatic Niche Formation by Breast Cancer-Derived EVs
Concluded CRP – Coordinated Research Project on Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals Labelled with New Emerging Radionuclides
Nanoparticles as weapons against cancer
Evenings with Genetics spotlights tuberous sclerosis complex
UConn Health Minute: Understanding Brain Tumors
MD Anderson and Obsidian Therapeutics announce strategic collaboration to accelerate advancement of novel
WVXU: Does your spinal fluid show if you have a tumor?
Researchers develop an epigenetic clock that predicts clinical evolution of patients with cancer
MD Anderson and Allogene Therapeutics announce strategic collaboration to accelerate advancement of allogeneic CAR
Combination Therapy against Cancer