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Live Uber news and developments with the latest updates. Check out current Uber news stories and find out what happened, what is going on with Uber. Recent news updates about Uber receives Facebook Creative Platform Badge for automation technology and launches Creative Studio service
Queenslanders are the most confident state in the country online
Adelaide needs to ‘walk the talk’ to become carbon neutral
Facebook gives users trustworthiness score
New York City votes to cap Uber, Lyft vehicle licenses
The 'Uber of Beauty' App About to Shake Up Australia
Uber Australia launches lowest-cost option yet: uberPOOL
Uber halts self-driving car tests after death
Uber CEO sees flying cars within next decade
Ousted Uber co-founder ditches shares for $1.4bn bonanza
Uber is officially a cab firm: court
EU court rules Uber is taxi service, not technology company
Covert Uber ‘impersonation’ and ‘wiretapping’ claims revealed in court letter
Uber used undercover agents, covert tactics – letter
Uber reports massive losses amid legal troubles & regulatory scrutiny
From Uzbekistan to Uber driver to terrorist suspect
Uber appeals decision to withdraw London license
Waymo demanded $1 billion in damages from Uber: report
Uber loses licence to operate in London
Uber users can share location ‘while using the app,’ ‘always,’ and ‘never’
Uber enables drivers to share their location with chosen contacts
GM, Uber team up to expand Maven program to Australia
Uber wants to await final EU court decision later this year
Uber shows off its upgraded fleet of autonomous trucks
Uber driver charged with indecent assault, WA
Embattled Uber chief takes leave of absence to ‘work on himself’
Uber free to operate in Italy on a long-term basis
Uber a ‘Ponzi’ scheme that will be bankrupt in decade claims fund manager
Uber extends on-demand service to trucking
Uber faces setback in European market
Uber faces significant new roadblock in Europe
Uber faces lawsuit ver lack of services available to people with disabilities
Uber faces criminal probe over software tool used to evade authorities
High-flying Uber announces plans to have ‘air taxis’ in the sky by 2020
Uber wants to test its flying taxis by 2020
Uber to Unveil Flying Car Network Plans
Waymo urges judge to bar Uber from driverless car project
Uber may face $1 million fine over drunken-driving complaints
Uber suspends self-driving cars trial following crash
Uber hides from regulators with Greyball
Feature: Uber’s self-driving cars pick up passengers in Arizona, face challenges ahead
Why #DeleteUber started trending on Twitter again
Uber puts mapping cars on five continents
Uber hires NASA veteran to help it understand flying cars
Daimler partners with Uber to build and operate a fleet of self-driving cars on the ride-sharing network
Uber created new taxi jobs, but hurt wages: study
Uber to pay $20 million for exaggerating drivers’ earnings
Uber, Honda face lawsuit after crash leaves rider paralyzed