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Uber ruling in UK has major implications for australia: TWU
TWU files unfair dismissal cases for Hungry Panda riders sacked over pay cut protest
Think California’s electorate is a liberal monolith? Think again
Barton Introduces Motion to Ensure Safety Standards of MPTP Program
Rod Barton Introduces Motion to Ensure Safety Standards of MPTP Program
Transport Secretary hails work of transport industry in vaccination roll-out
Ride-sharing services linked to binge drinking
Labor’s IR plan would cut job opportunities
Australia’s first drone trial for life-saving medical supplies for remote communities
Hungry Panda riders protest over pay cut, sacked workers & gag threat as NSW Taskforce releases ‘guidelines’ on rider safety
Uber Eats announces new business model and contracts for riders
Hungry Panda rider protest Monday over company refusal to reverse pay cut or reinstate sacked Worker
Barton warns government back door deal is putting vulnerable Victorians at risk
Uber Eats dodges responsibility to support vulnerable workers
Uber backflips on rider gag order prompting fresh calls for a tribunal to set standards
Ubereats forces new contract on workers to exploit & gag them
CommBank customers can get rewarded for healthier living with AIA Vitality
Impact of Rideshare Apps
CPVV Partners With Uber to Deliver MPTP… Have They Learned Nothing?
Employment law proposals set to impact Australia’s employers in 2021
E-bikes return to Yarra
NZ police urge drivers to slow down and plan ahead this festive season
Honey, we shrunk kitchen: but is it making a comeback?
Parking permits to help struggling businesses survive
Missing Geelong man Sandeep Singh
In sharing economy, consumers see themselves as helpers
COVID-19 may complicate income tax returns
Seattle ride-share drivers earn city average, ILR study finds
New ‘over fire’ cooking videos bring heat
NT Worksafe Appoint New Boss
Woolworths partners with Uber to further boost home delivery capacity
Moves to give takeaway business relief from hefty delivery fees
Shift from public transport to private cars as Covid-19 spreads
False and misleading conduct key issue for small businesses
Point-to-point transport survey results
Inner city councils sign MOU with Jump Bike
Using artificial intelligence to enrich digital maps
Urgent gig economy regulation needed as exploitative Amazon Flex enters Australian market
Grad student’s board game helps teach climate change
Work That Matters to Maternal Medicine
Halli Thorleifsson announced as 2020 Pause Fest guest speaker
Building our Digital Territory: Digital Partnerships Grants Program
Can LOVE can save hospitality industry?
Paper: Higher financial incentives for crowdsourced delivery workers can improve service
Transport workers’ Union case against Uber opens before fair work full bench
TWU Statement on Resignation of Toll MD Michael Byrne
Smart Glasses that Crowd-Source CCTV, finds missing children
UBER Health partnership offers cost-effective rides to research participants