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Submariners Seize Sea Opportunities
UK Backs Romania and Black Sea Region
British Ecological Society Urges Increased Funding for Research
Research: Caution Advised for Analgesic Use for Low Back Pain
UK and Welsh Govs Join to Create 2 Freeports in Wales
Foreign Sec Condemns Indian High Commission Protest
Durham Univ. Gospel Choir to Compete in UGCY 2023 Finals
Latin America, Caribbean Reaffirm Commitment to Basic Ed
Foreign Secretary meets with Jordanian FM Safadi
UK Addresses UN Human Rights Council on Item 4
Biohybrid Device to Restore Paralysed Limbs
Road Noise Raises Blood Pressure: Study
Telomere Shortening Linked to Alzheimer’s in Brain Scans
UK Adults: 1 in 5 May Have Misophonia, Sensitivity to Sound
PM Johnson Congratulates England Cricket Team at Downing Street
Council of Europe Law School Focuses on Resilience in Difficult Times
UK Urges Eligible to Take Up Mpox Vaccine
Firms fined for causing misery to locals via landfills
Hack Found to Unlock New Renewable Energy Sources
Edgware Firm Director Prosecuted for Security Law Breach
Worcestershire Soldier Found in Belguim Cemetery
UK Urges Peace and Security for Israelis, Palestinians
NASA’s Webb Telescope Unveils Atmos. of Distant Planet
UK Bosses Back Mission to Find Work for Thousands of Prisoners
Recruiting Staff: Challenge for Employers
Pensions Dashboards: Match Members to Their Pensions
Small Stars May Host Big Planets: Study
UK Providing Support to Improve Water, Sanitation in Asia, Africa
Beethoven’s genome
University Celebrates Science with Community Open Day
Durham Univ. & Industry Join Forces to Drive Renewable Energy
HRC52: Int’l Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela Launched
Chief Inspector Publishes 2021-22 Report
Queen Mary in Top 20 for Most Sought-After Employers
ESFA: 22 March 2023 Update Announced
Pregnant Women With Cancer Lack Emotional Support: Research Gap
Scientists: Next Epidemic Could Be Detected in Sewage
West Midlands Traffic Area Gets New Traffic Commissioner
Risk Factors Differ for Dementia-Related Depression
UK Start-ups Aim to Access Malaysia’s Tech Market
Women at UK Champion Cultural Understanding in Healthcare
Successes for Southampton in latest global subject rankings
UK-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue: Joint Statement Issued
UK Tech Deal May Increase Server Costs for Firms
EA Chair: Improving Water Supply Management
UK Gov at UN HRC52: Calls for End to Human Rights Violations in Belarus
Wind Turbines Boosted to Create More Energy: Universities
UK Internal Market: First Major Reports Released