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Turn On Light and Kill Coronavirus
Milestone measurements in arc-jet plasma wind tunnel
New Sunspot Cycle could be one of strongest on record, new research predicts
New findings shed light on repair of UV-induced DNA damage
This Summer, ensure that you know hazards of working in heat and in air pollution
Study finds playground duty times are a burning issue for teachers
Let there be light 4 December
NASA Selects Heliophysics Missions of Opportunity for Space Science Research and Technology Demonstration
Coaxing cancer cells to commit suicide
Statistician studies effects of weather and air pollution in transmission of COVID-19
Case-Coulter Translational Research Partnership awards $1.1 million
U.S. Clean Air Act has been a lifesaver for birds
Patterning method could pave way for new fiber-based devices, smart textiles
Study: Air pollution laws aimed at human health also help birds
Skin Deep: New Psoriasis Center Set to Open Early 2021
Swipe, match, eat: ‘Weet’ pitches better online dating app
16-year-old cosmic mystery solved, revealing stellar missing link
Merging Stars Produce Glowing Blue Ring Nebula
In mysterious Blue Ring Nebula, scientists see fate of binary stars
Faster detection of photocatalyst-generated oxygen has big implications for clean energy
UV light may be a greater risk for melanoma than suspected
Aerobuster Hunts for Corona Viruses
Searching missing puzzle piece
Smaller than Ever-Exploring Unusual Properties of Quantum-sized Materials
Vortex technology developed by NTU spin-off speeds up cooling while saving energy
Researchers develop a new way to create a spectrum of natural-looking hair colors
New treatments and promising tech vs COVID-19 emerge from HU’s laboratories
UNM researchers help solve 30-year ozone mystery
A New Method to Measure Optical Absorption in Semiconductor Crystals
Experts in Laser-Atom Scaling, Frequency Combs and EUV Lithography to Headline All-Virtual OSA High-brightness
Intelligent buildings will make us healthier, more productive and greener, according to Concordia researcher
Research provides a new understanding of how a model insect species sees color
New medicines for Australians with multiple sclerosis, lymphoma, carcinoma and reproductive cancers
Boeing and University of Arizona Show Cleaning Tools and Techniques Effective Against COVID-19
Research collaboration to understand spread of COVID-19 and keep public transport back on track
This white paint could reduce need for air conditioning by keeping surfaces cooler than surroundings
Research to understand COVID-19 spread on public transport
Intelligent cameras enhance human perception
Recipe for powerful quasar jets
10 myths about sun protection
Blinded by light no more: simulations show NASA’s James Webb Telescope will reveal hidden galaxies
Without oxygen, Earth’s early microbes relied on arsenic to sustain life
Telescopes record last moments of star ‘eaten’ by a black hole
A study indicates that hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism
Seeing World in New Colors
Risk of Deadly Skin Cancer May Be Gauged by Accumulated DNA Damage
New research explores how super flares affect planets’ habitability 7 October
Terahertz zaps alter gene activity in stem cells