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Friendship with lasting impact
Biotech Licenses Yield Lower Financial Returns for Academic Institutions
Clothing Brand Aids Survivors of Sexual Violence in Moving Forward
AI algorithm unblurs cosmos
Akkeshi Marine Station Explores Interconnected Oceans, Forests, and Rivers
President Biden speaks at Greek Independence Day reception
COVID-19 Polarizes Trust in Science Amid Pandemic
FSU set to host 7th annual ACC InVenture Competition
New Molecule Shows Promise in Slowing Covid
UW Moves Data Science Center to New School of Computing
Research shows preschoolers prefer learning from competent robots over incompetent humans
‘AI + Design’ mini-symposium April 3
Dr. Jean Robert Reappointed as National Battlefields Commission Chairperson by Minister Rodriguez
2023 UNWTO Students’ League Applications Open for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Stuffing sodium nuclei with neutrons
Genetics of Temperature Adaptation: How Life Thrives in Extreme Conditions
DLab Dialog Day 2023: Designing Care for Future Society
Walnuts’ Gut Connection to Heart Health
Team detects first neutrinos made by particle collider
Project Promotes Holistic STEM Education: Way of Wonder
Over SGD1 million raised at Giving Day
Samantha Power Meets with AUB President Fadlo Khuri
Mapping People’s Knowledge of Bees Aids Pollinator Conservation
Design tool to democratize art of color-changing mosaics
Manchester School of Architecture ranked 5th in world
Older Adults Coped Better with Pandemic Stress: Study
Worrying About Election Stress Can Harm Your Health
Women at UK Champion Cultural Understanding in Healthcare
EPFL Launches Imaging Minor to Meet Research Needs
Westpac Scholars Trust Aids Sustainable Future
NASA Seeks Student Ideas for Moon Landing Dust Control
National Indigenous Space Academy takes off
KSU Paper Examines Biodiversity Impact of Climate Change
University of Wyoming Press Publishes First Book
Chicago Quantum Exchange Sees 2022 Growth: Annual Report
University of Nottingham UK’s First to Incorporate Built Env. Software Training
Artificial light at night aids caterpillar predators
Giving Day raises more than $13M, shattering records
Upgraded tumor model optimizes search for cancer therapies
U of T Program Launches Sexologist OReillys Career
MIT Sets Financial Aid, Tuition Rates for 2023-24
Coleridge’s Ancient Greek Anti-Slavery Manuscript at Risk of Export
Scientists Examine Racial Bias in Historic KY Properties
Support Avail. for Students with Learning Difficulties/Disabilities/Mental Health
Greening beauty industry
Lehigh Valley Hosts Talk on Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Humans Fight Mosquitoes: Deactivate Sperm
Self-Driven Laboratory, AlphaFlow, Speeds Chemical Discovery