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Future stars of our region awarded prestigious global scholarships
Peanuts and herbs and spices may positively impact gut microbiome
Kristina Olson’s keen scholarship is informing conversation on gender identity
Canada invests in innovation and technology transfer with support for École de technologie supérieure
Applying for Pre-Registration Nursing and Midwifery Programmes at King’s
Abstract submission, registration open for UK’s 2022 Food, Energy and Water Symposium
New technology allows solar panels and agriculture to coexist, legal hurdles remain
Peanuts and herbs and spices can have positive effect on gut microbiome
‘Humans of Tyson’ project highlighted at statewide conference
Course examines sexual and gender identity in STEM
MIT researchers use quantum computing to observe entanglement
9 things you should know about university entry in Year 12
New analysis of cellular ‘vehicles’ drives deeper understanding of ALS, Alzheimer’s
Ganglion cells created in mice in bid to fix diseased eyes
Ushering in new era of computing
Male orb-weaving spiders fight less in female-dominated colonies
Association between college course delivery model, level of psychological distress during pandemic
Physicists observe wormhole dynamics using quantum computer
New 3D printing method to fabricate complex metal-plastic composite structures
Debunking autism myths rewarded with national prize
Machine learning model builds on imaging methods to better detect ovarian lesions
Negative self-concept appears to be self-perpetuating, researchers find
Long-standing genomic mystery about origin of introns explained in new study
New chemistry toolkit speeds analyses of molecules in solution
Professor Luis Eslava joins La Trobe
MIT Policy Hackathon produces new solutions for technology policy challenges
Maria Santilli aces tennis opponents, master’s classes
Channeling creativity through art and engineering
Working towards ending violence and abuse in society
UK announces bursaries for Chagossians to study at Middlesex University Mauritius
More than just buildings: Rotman grad pursues social impact in real estate development
Notre Dame to help boost WA’s paramedic numbers
Storytelling: ancient tool of modern innovation
Diversity in STEM expert panel announced
‘I want to make room for people’: Pilot program aims to level playing field in field research
Tony Yu’s Research Bridges Math and Computer Science
Headteacher to take Essex know-how to Mexico
Fantastic plastic? It’s all in chemistry
Port Adelaide Football Club and Flinders University create new education pathway
Chinese writing: from complexity to greater complexity
Cornell Veterans Colleague Network Group honors continuation of service
New STEM lab experiences at UTA
Supporting aging population experiencing homelessness: SFU research
Research graduate students’ mental health during Covid pandemic static management
Chung-Ang University researchers develop algorithms for optimal decision making under heavy noisy rewards
Imperial education team wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Prize
In search of principles of life
What shapes composition of microbes in singer’s gut?