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Probing dark matter using antimatter
Breakthrough in dark matter underground lab
Pine Mountain Observatory: Revealing a universe of wonders
DNA is only one among millions of possible genetic molecules Scientists computed a zoo of millions
Missed Birthdays campaign addresses grief of ambiguous loss for quarter of a million Australians
Researchers exploring origins of interstellar visitors
Universe isn’t flat – it’s curved
NASA TV Coverage Set for Complex Spacewalks, Briefings
Screening Rights Film Festival to return to Coventry and Birmingham
Chemists observe “spooky” quantum tunneling
Brisbane… are you ready to step up to Oche?
Q&A with Georgia Tech Chemists on Intersection of Science Fiction and Chemical Elements
HKU astronomy research team unveils one origin of globular clusters around giant galaxies
NASA Science, Cargo Heads to Space Station on Northrop Grumman Mission
Searching for origins of life in space with 8.9 million euros
Cornell partners in NSF grant for astrophysics institute
Scientists may just have discovered a new class of black holes
New telescope instrument sheds light on Dark Energy
5,000 “eyes” will track expansion of Universe
Astronomers discover ghosts of supernovas in nearby galaxy
Masks superheroes wear tell us a lot about ourselves
DESI Opens Its 5000 Eyes to Capture Colors of Cosmos
Dark Matter Experiment’s Central Component Takes a Deep Dive – Nearly a Mile Underground
DESI opens its 500 eyes to capture colors of cosmos
Telescope instrument opens its 5,000 eyes for first time
Hubble captures galaxies’ ghostly gaze
5,000 “eyes” try to solve mystery of dark energy
DESI Opens Its 5,000 Eyes to Capture Colors of Cosmos
Supercomputer analyzes web traffic across entire internet
Astrophysicists suggest a potential crack in Standard Model
Coal Authority scientists visit CERN
Coal Authority scientists visit CERN
DOE funds new physics research in dark matter
EROSITA delivers first striking images
Screen Queensland Invests in Unique Pathways to Screen
Science Pub Corvallis will explore Earth’s legacy and climate change
Thirty years of LEP’s Z0 line shape
A matter of dark matter
University of Rochester recognized as leader in high-energy-density physics
Women in STEM: Amelia Drew
Irresistible pull – when massive stars collide
Tests start of new technology to detect neutrinos
Congratulations to 2019 Nobel Laureates in Physics
Raising Bar: 20 talks, 10 bars, one night
Agencies finalize changes to simplify Volcker rule
Professor Didier Queloz wins 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics for first discovery of an exoplanet
CERN congratulates 2019 physics Nobel Prize winners
James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz Awarded 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics