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NSF Funds Games to Prepare Workers for AEC Jobs
Team detects first neutrinos made by particle collider
Bad Company: Is Too Much Alone Time Making You Sick?
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Youth at Higher Risk of Sleep Issues: Study
James Webb Telescope to Target Venus-like Planets: Researchers
Women at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Who Changed History
USC Sea Grant Assesses DDT Impact in L.A’s Ocean
KlimaSeniorinnen fight for life, health rights
Biden Admin Announces White House Challenge to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities
Coding for health equity
PSMA PET Improves Decision Making for Prostate Cancer Treatment
Black and Latinx Californians Most Exposed to Oil, Gas Wells
Vicious cycle: How alcohol’s impact on brain makes us more likely to drink
AI Predicts Genetics of Brain Tumors in 90 Secs
Mystery Solved: Unexplained Orbit of ‘Oumuamua Comet Revealed
Beethoven’s Poor Health Uncovers Family Secret Through DNA Analysis
Scientists Find New Source of Abiotic Oxidants on Early Earth
Super Spreaders Fuel Dengue Outbreak
COVID Testing of Nursing Home Staff Saves Lives
Clues to cause of chronic gut pain
Helping cause of environmental resilience
Worlds Collide: Art history and materials science in Yucatán
Covid Subvariants Fueled Pandemic Spread: Study
NASA’s Webb Telescope Spots Clouds on Remote Planet
First known interstellar interloper resembles ‘dark comet’
‘Oumuamua: Unexpectedly Simple Explanation for Odd Orbit
Sea Otters Killed by Unusual Parasite Strain
Mystery Parasite Kills Sea Otters, Marine Life at Risk
Unusual Parasite Strain Kills Sea Otters
New Chapter in Antiferromagnetic Spintronics is Unfolding
MIT Teams Receive NSF Grants to Study Sustainable Materials
CSIRO Developing Weather Service to Monitor Water Quality
Can synthetic polymers replace body’s natural proteins?
Universal Coronavirus Treatments Hinge on Achilles Heel Discovery
National Academies Report Includes LLNL Contributions on High Energy Science
Stem Cells: Keep Aging at Bay by Clearing Out Trash
Research Sheds Light on DMT’s Effects on Brain, Reality
ACTG Publishes Pivotal Hep C Study in Clinical Infectious Diseases
Gene Therapy Approach Could Target Protein Deficiency in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Biden Names 31 Judicial, U.S. Attorney Nominees
Pandemic Financial Stress Hits Kids’ Mental Health Hard
UC Irvine Discovers Neutrinos from Particle Collider
Gigapixel 3D Microscope Reveals Unprecedented Details of Life
Humans Killing Most Mountain Lions in California Despite Protections
Human-Caused Deaths Lead Mountain Lion Deaths in Calif
UCLA Study Cures Rare Immune Deficiency with Base Editing
Patients Prefer Immediate Test Results, Good or Bad
Synthetic Polymers: Can they Replace Natural Proteins?