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Drug that lowers blood sugar also reduces blood vessel dysfunction caused by aging
Coming together for veterans
Traumatic societal events may undermine classroom behavior interventions for certain groups, University of Missouri study finds
Scientists discover effective combination immunotherapy for liver cancer
Novel biomaterial prevents rejection of transplants for type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system to help treat Type 1 diabetes
Modifying body’s immune system treat Type 1 diabetes
Biomaterial improves islet transplants for treatment of type 1 diabetes
Clinical and translational research receives $61 million grant support
Using AI to analyze large amounts of biological data
University of Missouri grant will help research lack of breastfeeding in rural Missouri
University of Missouri institute updates baseline Food and Agricultural outlook report
Remote programming of cardiac implantable devices is safe for MRI scan
$1.8 million gift ensures Heartland Scholars program continues for future generations
University of Missouri grant boosts public health messaging to parents considering various vaccines for their children
Cancer patients face greater risks from abdominal aneurysm repair
$1.25 million NIH grant links science, literacy and math education in middle schools
Gastrointestinal issues linked with anxiety, social withdrawal for kids with autism
U.S. President Biden Announces Five New Nominees to Serve as U.S. Attorneys
Washington University joins effort to launch Taylor Geospatial Institute
Glowing spider fossils prompt breakthrough study of how they were preserved at Aix-en-Provence
Studies detail current, future obstacles to abortion care
Data researchers use health informatics and artificial intelligence in Type 1 diabetes study
Covid pneumonia increases dementia risk
Medical innovations to take hit in coming years
University of Missouri grant will help nurses boost confidence in Covid vaccine
University of Missouri Law Veterans Clinic surpasses milestone: $10 million for veteran-clients
Scientists develop new model to detect and combat lung cancer recurrence
University of Missouri tracking spread of bird flu, one test at time
Early detection warnings can reduce medical emergencies
University of Missouri announces new leadership structure in University of Missouri Health Care, School of Medicine
Hitting links could be hole in one for your health
Racial minorities are less likely to receive CPR when they need it
Harnessing power of AI to advance knowledge of Type 1 diabetes
U.S. ban on oil currently benefitting Russia
Scientists Create Novel Genetic Model of Down Syndrome in Rats
University of Missouri donors gave 2,652 individual gifts for Mizzou Giving Day
Challenge of humor in workplace for women
Sleep apnea accelerates aging, but treatment may reverse it
Some of world’s lowest dementia rates are found in Amazonian indigenous groups
Virtual way to rehab from stroke
Well-preserved fossils could be consequence of past global climate change
Scientist links epigenetic biomarkers to gastrointestinal issues for kids with autism
More intense roasting of cocoa beans lessens bitterness, boosts chocolate liking
Adolescent psychological well-being tied to adult risk of cardiovascular disease, study finds
University of Missouri will return to normal operations on Friday, Feb. 18
University of Missouri to shift to remote operations on Thursday, Feb. 17
Local pathogen knowledge key to preventing infection after surgery