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Price and convenience can drive consumers to purchase cannabis from illegal, rather than legal, sources
Talking about sexual consent and expectations can improve relationships and wellbeing
Watershed moment
AI models identify Covid patients at greatest risk of death, injury
Black hole in our backyard: scientists unveil Milky Way’s powerful core
Finding our galactic centre
University of Toronto sues Easy EDU tutoring company
Covid has negatively impacted how auditors work
Losing our competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive world
Creating statistical tools to solve big problems
Mathematical beauty at limits of possible
Research breakthrough means warp speed ‘Unruh effect’ can finally be tested in lab settings
Combining certain medications with ibuprofen can permanently injure kidneys
Combining certain meds with ibuprofen can permanently injure kidneys
Feeling stressed? You’re not alone
Public participation in environmental planning suffered during Covid crisis in Ontario
More than million smokers likely to quit after U.S. bans menthol cigarettes
Machine learning can help address stigma of substance abuse in developing countries
Physicists embark on hunt for long-sought quantum glow
Leading sustained impact toward climate action in Canada
New approach to advance care planning preferred by Canadian long-term care residents
Displacement, erasure, and gentrification of vulnerable communities in ‘liveable’ Vancouver
Displacement, erasure, and gentrification of vulnerable communities in ‘livable’ Vancouver
Layered approach is needed to prevent infections from becoming harder to treat
Ultimate code red: Preparing Canada for extreme heat
Waterloo RoboHub helps Avidbots advance robotics innovation
Better coaching needed to prevent burnout among video gaming pros
Smokers know best: Study shows tobacco users want bold approaches to end smoking
University of Toronto grad’s collection of Black pro hockey players’ cards part of NHL history tour
New look at universe and galaxy formation
Stabilizing low blood sugar in infancy prevents long-term brain damage
‘Net-zero’ goals encouraged by top tourism academic
MRI innovation makes cancerous tissue light up and easier to see
Smoke from major wildfires destroys ozone layer
Land use scientists propose new approaches to addressing global land crises
History of neurological or psychiatric conditions increases likelihood of developing more
Human actions accelerate climate-driven floods and droughts
Physicists steer chemical reactions by magnetic fields and quantum interference
Delivering sight-saving drugs better, for longer
Breaking gender bias in financial world
FSU Mathematics to host international conference on sensitivity analysis methods
Higher education and language skills may help ward off dementia
Preparing for next pandemic
Computer drug simulations offer warning about promising diabetes and cancer treatment
Bridging worlds of research and industry
Smart packaging could improve how older adults take medication
New funding helps advance Canadian leadership in cybersecurity
Concordia to co-lead new $160-million Canadian cybersecurity innovation network