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AUKUS Program Requires 8000+ New Engineers Across Three Tiers
AUKUS program requires 8000 new engineers across three tiers
Snorkelers and CEOs unite to save vital kelp forests
Engineering Supersolid State from Layered 2D Materials
Pelicans breed at Narran Lakes in north-western NSW after 20 years
Real Risks Posed by ChatGPT Shouldn’t Be Ignored, Ban Not Possible
Antarctic Meltwater Slows Ocean Currents, Threatens Collapse
Research: Deep Ocean Currents Around Antarctica on Verge of Collapse
Research Shows Deep Ocean Currents around Antarctica Nearing Collapse
OCD diagnosis can take up to 9 years
Research Links Respiratory Infections in Pregnancy to Heart Defects
Research links severe respiratory infections to congenital heart defects
People with Disability more likely to receive Govt Support for Full-Time Work
Light Pollution: How to Preserve Stars
Senate Urged to Pass $10B Housing Fund
Koori Elders Discuss Culture, Country and History in Good Yarn
Navigating future: promise of autonomous boats
UNSW Sydney ranked among world’s best for 42 subjects
Research: Analgesics’ Effectiveness for Low Back Pain Unclear
Research: Caution Advised for Analgesic Use for Low Back Pain
Popular Fertility Apps Misusing User Data, Including Sex, Periods, Pregnancy
Research Finds High Human Toll of Covid Travel Bans
Trying to solve ‘forever problem’ of PFAS pollution
Solving PFAS Pollution: Never-Ending Challenge
Depth of Poverty for Income Support Recipients Highlighted in Report
Insights into causes of rare genetic immune disorders
Depth of Poverty Evident for Those on Income Support: Report
Research Finds High Rates of Health Issues in Nauru’s Detained Kids
Solar Waste Crisis: 80M Panels at Risk of Disposal
Mystery of Millions of Fish Gasping to Death in Darling
7 Tips for Li-Ion Battery Safety: What to Know
New Report Outlines Strategy to Fight Housing Crisis
7 Tips for Lithium-Ion Battery Safety
UNSW Experts Highlighted at Sydney Writers’ Festival
Cyclone Freddy Record-Breaking: Possible Sign of Things to Come?
ChatGPT for Predicting Population Health: Future Trend?
Ocean Lovers Fest Calls for Plastic Action
Humans Worsening Diet of Tasmanian Devils, Threatening Decline
Tasmanian Devils’ Diet Altered by Humans, Endangerment Accelerated
Optimism growing in dual-purpose pear orchard experiment
Tasmanian Devil Whiskers May Save Species
Research Reveals Higher Stress for Pregnant During Pandemic
Research Reveals Greater Impact of Pandemic Stress on Pregnant Women
COVID Stress Worse for Pregnant Women: Study
UNSW Researchers Receive Top AAS Honours
NSW Online Water Forum
Bedrooms No Longer Refuge: Working, Studying, Eating Hurts Sleep
Australia’s Prisons: Weakest Link in Blood-Borne Virus Battle