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University of Liège and CSIC Discover Key Planetary System for Understanding Formation of Super-Earths
Saturn’s Rings Younger Than Previously Believed
What Does Mercury in Retrograde Really Mean?
Astronomers Detect Massive Exoplanet, Transforming Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Infectious Disease Modellers Awarded Mathematics Prize
Deadly Planet Threatens Earth’s Survival
Meteorites Show Earth’s Volatile Chemicals’ Possible Source
Meteorites reveal likely origin of Earth’s volatile chemicals
Exotic Ice Sheds Light on Neptune, Uranus Magnetic Anomalies
NASA’s Voyager: next generation
Asteroid samples reveal early Solar System history
A total lunar eclipse is set to dazzle tomorrow – along with some other stellar sights
Traveler from Edge of Solar System
New phases of water detected
‘Diamond rain’ on giant icy planets could be more common than previously thought
Making nanodiamonds out of bottle plastic
Think spring has officially sprung? Not so fast
After 45 years, 5-billion-year legacy of Voyager 2 interstellar probe is just beginning
Modeling finds how dwarf planet Ceres powers unexpected geologic activity
Why Jupiter doesn’t have rings like Saturn
Gemini north telescope helps explain why Uranus and Neptune are different colors
Scientists explain why Uranus and Neptune are different colours
Materials synthesis research and study in terapascal range for first time
What was “childhood” of Solar System like?
Instability at beginning of solar system
WashU researchers help identify national priorities for planetary science
Research finds unexpected changes in atmospheric temperatures
LLNL constructing high-power laser for new experimental facility at SLAC
Why our next visit to giant planets will be so important
New Earth Trojan asteroid
Berkeley astronomers to put new space telescope through its paces
Hot neighbours, ancient maths and paleopocalypse: our most-read science stories of 2021
‘Would you like little ice with your exoplanet?’ For Earth-like worlds, that may be tall order
Largest comet ever observed was active at near-record distance
60 years after it first gazed at skies, Parkes dish is still making breakthroughs
How do ice giants maintain their magnetic fields?
Evidence of superionic ice provides new insights into unusual magnetic fields of Uranus and Neptune
‘Planet confusion’ could slow Earthlike exoplanet exploration
‘Planet confusion’ could slow Earth-like exoplanet exploration
Perth Observatory receives $1.6 million in year of 125th birthday
Mushballs stash away missing ammonia at Uranus and Neptune
Astronomers show how planets form in binary systems without getting crushed
Mystery of what causes Jupiter’s X-ray auroras is solved
Jets from massive protostars might be very different from lower-mass systems
Deep oceans dissolve rocky shell of water-ice planets
Giant Planets Found in Stellar Suburbs
Building a universe in a supercomputer
Exoplanet is Gobbling Up Gas and Dust as it Continues to Build Mass