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Smart Cities Miami Conference to examine climate crisis, impact of pandemic
Designing solutions to re-activate Liverpool’s forgotten railway heritage
General Assembly reviews global progress towards sustainable urbanization
Easy access to environmental research data
An Interactive Sustainability Dashboard for Montreal and beyond
Major gift endows Cornell Mui Ho Center for Cities in AAP
Global MIT launches Africa Distinguished Visitors Program
Are cities mitigating hazards equitably?
Frequent encounters build familiarity
Protecting biodiversity: creating dark infrastructure
‘cautionary tale’ about location tracking
Microsoft announces next step in Atlanta campus development
World Health Day: Doctors for healthier planet
UCLA scholars publish reports on future of California transportation, housing
Lower life expectancies of socially disadvantaged linked to reduced microbial exposures
Research assesses health impacts of 2020 lockdowns in three European cities
“Today will probably define whether I choose technology in future”
Geoscience Australia key partner in new National Space Mission for Earth Observation
First National Urban Forum of Lebanon kicks-off; UN-Habitat and ESCWA launch State of Lebanese Cities report
Next steps in planning for Wickham’s urban renewal
Move to Edge, Declare it Center: Practices and Processes for Creatively Solving Complex Problems
UNECE supports transition of Bishkek to smart, sustainable and resilient city
Why ponds and kettle holes are also worth protecting
Neighbourhoods feeling heat as medium density housing robs suburbs of street and garden trees
Subi East recognised as world leader in sustainable community development
Children’s views to drive better future for their community
MIT Morningside Academy for Design created as new hub for cross-disciplinary education, research, and innovation
Re-examining residential risk as climate change intensifies
Geneva, Lausanne, Nice and Bordeaux aim to bring forest to city
Study links Heatwave hotspots to urban agglomerations in Africa
MIT Center for Real Estate launches Asia Real Estate Initiative
WHO launches new repository on urban health
Biodiversity means resilience and health – Also for humans
Help continue to shape City of Newcastle’s vision for future
290 million new city dwellers benefit China’s climate balance
Interactive map helps protect one of UK’s most threatened mammals
New report sheds light on future of mobility in Canada’s big cities
CMU, Fujitsu Collaborate To Develop Social Digital Twin Technology for Smart Cities
Everyone is a winner if we focus on environmental infrastructure
3 Questions: Jinhua Zhao on a “third place” between home and office
Meaningful memories inspire urban planning
Toward more inclusive definition of green infrastructure
People, Fisheries and Improved Services Key to Economic Development in Marshall Islands, Says World Bank Report
HKU urban planners release findings on landmark smart city data project
Natural environment linked with quality of life for people with COPD
“Climate change demands collaboration across borders”
Audrey Azoulay names Lazare Eloundou Assomo as head of World Heritage Centre
Colombia’s energy districts: an example for region