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Knox voters speak up before Aston by-election
Minneapolis Park System Unequal Due to Discriminatory Policies
Designing for better lives
Ukraine Reconstruction Programme Launched with European Bauhaus Capacity-Building
Harder, Hotter Cities: Protect Urban Green Spaces
Canada Appoints Philpott to Historic Sites Board
15-Minute Cities Boost Mental Health and Wellbeing
15-Minute Cities: Key to Better Mental Health
Research: Less driving in L.A. leads to more air pollution exposure
Mixture of trees purifies urban air best
New tool to value health of urban developments
Predicting City Traffic: Guide
Defending Baltimore against climate change
Urban birds prefer native trees
Learning from UCL East to improve Bangkok’s infrastructure
When creating more equitable urban green spaces in Michigan, shape of green space matters
Christopher Raymond’s team helps build thriving cities
Risk of Gestational Diabetes Linked to Neighborhood Walkability
Link Found Between Traffic Noise and Tinnitus: Study
How to Build First City on Mars
People Express Joy, Sadness at City Cafés: Tweets Reveal
4% of Summer Deaths in European Cities from Urban Heat Islands
RMIT Europe and EIT Urban Mobility partner to tackle air pollution
Auckland Floods: ‘Sponge City’ Needed to Avoid Future Disasters
Soil Life Keeps City Parks & Gardens Thriving
Exploring Activity-Based Mobility Demand with Bounded Rationality
Degrowth will make healthier and happier cities
Research: Wildlife, Dense Populations Merged in Urban Planning
Study: Extreme heat is changing habits of daily life
New MIT internships expand research opportunities in Africa
New expert panel to unlock more housing supply
Connecting Dots Between Car Crashes and Systemic Transportation Challenges
Reflections on Architecture and Capitalism
End Nepal’s Urban Poor Exploitation
“Google Earth on steroids” gives a boost to urban development
Shared automated vehicles could make cities more livable, equitable
AI enables more effective humanitarian action
Cr Felicity Sinfield elected new Mayor of Boroondara
Cr Felicity Sinfield elected City of Boroondara Mayor for 2022
Digital healthcare, location optimization and road improvements are recommended to improve healthcare
We can and should go further to reduce air pollution says Chief Medical Officer
National plan needed to improve children’s D rating for physical activity
Overseas Buildings Operations’ New U.S. Consulate General Projects Receive 2022 American Architecture Awards
Beguiling, uncanny image wins annual photography prize
What city life will be like if we reach our climate goals
To be fair, US green infrastructure planning needs to change
Using game engines and “twins” to co-create stories of climate futures
RMIT Europe and EIT Urban Mobility online courses take home LearnX Awards