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Bringing jury to crime scene via 3D headset
U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has encouraged Taliban to stake their future on battlefield, Stanford scholar says
UN deputy chief warns of ‘hurricane of humanitarian crises’
26th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide UK statement
Statement on Syrian Arab Republic,, to 47th Session of UN Human Rights Council
Israeli settlements should be classified as war crimes, says UN expert: Occupied Palestinian Territory
ICC Pre-Trial Chamber II confirms charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity and commits suspect to trial
Al Hassan case: Appeals Chamber confirms decision on possible re-characterisation of alleged facts
Ecocide gets a new definition, and UCLA scholars played a key role
2021 International day for elimination of sexual violence in conflict UK statement
Press briefing notes on Yemen
Targeting a hospital in Afrin requires an independent investigation: Syria
Targeting a hospital in Africa requires an independent investigation: Syria
Outgoing ICC Prosecutor urges Security Council to keep focus on justice in Darfur
UN court upholds Ratko Mladić convictions and life sentence
Affirming Conviction of Former Bosnian Serb Army Commander Ratko Mladic for Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes
Western Balkans Appeal judgment on Ratko Mladić
Statement by President on Affirmation of Ratko Mladic’s Conviction
Bachelet and Nderitu welcome decision to uphold Ratko Mladić convictions and sentence
Ex-Chad Dictator’s Victims Denied Reparations
UN rights chief calls for inclusive peace process to end Palestine occupation
ICC concludes confirmation of charges hearing in Abd-Al-Rahman case
UN peacekeeping chief reports spike in 2021 fatalities
Statement of Prosecutor of International Criminal Court, Fatou Bensouda
Opening of confirmation of charges hearing in Abd-Al-Rahman case: Audio-visual materials and photographs
Statement on ceasefire in Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel
Israeli artillery attacks on Gaza Strip may amount to war crimes
UN experts welcome ceasefire, call for ICC probe: Gaza
Updated report on Israeli mass killings of families during military attack on Gaza
Updated report on Israeli massacres during military attack on Gaza Strip
ITF stands in solidarity with people of Palestine, calls on Israel to halt attacks
‘Justice delayed is justice denied’, ICC chief prosecutor tells Security Council
Abd-Al-Rahman case: Confirmation of charges hearing to open on 24 May 2021 – Practical Information
Bachelet appeals for de-escalation amid increasing bloodshed, incitement, volatility
Euro-Med Monitor Addresses Europe’s Foreign Ministers regarding Israel’s attack on Gaza
Security Council denounces attack on peacekeepers in DR Congo
ISIL crimes against Yazidis constitute genocide, UN investigation team finds
Adjudication of attacks targeting culture: a new approach
Former LRA leader, ex-child soldier, sentenced to 25 years in jail
Dominic Ongwen sentenced to 25 years of imprisonment
Uganda conflict survivor helps communities find ‘ways forward’
New Government Should Investigate Massacres: Niger
Israel demolished 58 Palestinian facilities, built 5,000 settlement units in Jerusalem so far
Reject ‘Political Victimization’ Findings: Sri Lanka
Prioritize Justice for Serious Crimes: DR Congo
ICC and Ewha Womans University, School of Law, sign Memorandum of Understanding
Killings, ‘Disappearances’ in Military Operations: Mali
Ongwen Case: ICC Trial Chamber IX to deliver sentence on 6 May 2021- Practical information