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New river tagging program to include bull sharks
Clevelands Sea Monster Shorter, Stouter?’
Jurassic Shark Highly Evolved: Study Finds
Jurassic Shark Highly Evolved
Endangered Sharks Genomes Sequenced: Scientific Breakthrough
Build new coastal connections at Summer by Sea in 2023
Scientists discover shark graveyard at bottom of ocean
New tests on shark deterrents
Shark alert app reaches major milestone with 100,000 downloads
Surfers share their waves with sharks, but fear not
Video footage provides first detailed observation of orcas hunting white sharks in South Africa
Sydney cockatoos are still opening kerb-side bins, despite our best efforts to stop them
Who would win in a fight between a great white shark and a blue whale?
Fossils of giant sea lizard that ruled oceans 66 million years ago discovered
Mysterious lives of sharks and rays revealed in new study
Scientists take deep dive into how sharks use ocean
Ancient megalodon super-predators could swallow a great white shark whole, new model reveals
Curious Kids: what is apex predator of world?
What did Megalodon eat? Anything it wanted: including other predators
What did Megalodon eat? Anything it wanted – including other predators
Great white sharks may have contributed to megalodon extinction
Sharks lose natural response with prey if not rewarded
Scientists get inventive to reveal secret social lives of great white sharks
New WA-made device added to Shark Deterrent Rebate scheme
Addressing knowledge gaps in shark and ray research
Research finds no one still knows what Megalodon really looked like
Research bites holes into theories about Megalodons
Productivity Commission confirms worsening housing crisis
How to support South Australian tourism during Covid
Increase in Great White shark sightings in Tauranga area
Day in life of commercial diver
Stories of South: Vineyard Alchemist
Safe ocean swimming for Esperance this summer
DOC investigates cause of death of great white shark death in Auckland
Stories of South: Dirt Road Mail-Runner
White sharks can easily mistake swimmers or surfers for seals
Research reveals fish rubbing up against their predators – sharks
Researchers shed light on blind spot of shark attacks
World first: Study confirms mistaken identity may explain why sharks bite humans
Statistics reveal value of new DOC infringement system
First complete national assessment of Australia’s sharks and rays
Shark patrols underway as State Budget provides funding certainty
290-million-year-old ‘Shark’ with Large Petal-shaped Teeth Found in China for First Time
Understanding cookiecutter sharks
Research into predator, climate change threats facing humpback whales
Researchers demonstrate effectiveness of eDNA in calculation of marine biodiversity
New study suggests it gives predatory sharks and fish a crucial speed advantage
3,000-year-old shark attack victim found by Oxford-led researchers