Terror, violence and hope… reality of being stalked

Stalked book cover

Rachel Cassidy, herself the target of a stalker, joins us at the Altona North Community Library to tell the stories of people who have been pursued by stalkers, and the devastating effects that it has had on their lives.

Stalked is a detailed account of the effects of stalking, which is experienced by a shockingly high proportion of the population. To an outsider, the stalker’s actions may appear to be minor indiscretions, but the unwanted constant attention, relentless harassment, and utter terror of being a human target can have chilling cumulative effects.

With the assistance of forensic psychologists who have worked with stalkers and their targets, and lawyers and police who have represented and protected the people pursued, Stalked explores the psychopathology of stalkers, surveys the laws that deal with stalking behaviours, and looks at cyberstalking.

It also hints at the light at the end of the tunnel with stories of survival and the building of a new life filled with achievement and hope.

In this unique author talk, Rachel Cassidy provides an analysis of stalking from the inside. She shares her experiences as a target, provides insight into the mindset of stalkers and also discusses the experts who deal with the havoc wreaked by the people who harass or persecute others with unwanted and obsessive attention.

True crime aficionados and curious individuals alike will be fascinated by Stalked: The Human Target.

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Stalked: The Human Target

Author talk with Rachel Cassidy

Wednesday 4 September, 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Altona North Community Library, corner Millers and McArthurs Roads, Altona North

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