Upgrading these 3 tools will save you time and money


To remain competitive these days you need to work smarter not harder, but how do you gain that competitive advantage?

With everything from seized parts to cracked concrete, overcoming challenges is part of the job. Yet every stuck bolt or broken tool slows down your business, costing time and money.

Finding innovative products to overcome those challenges increases productivity and improves safety.

Here’s what you need to have in your arsenal to keep business running smoothly.

Abrasives: Whether grinding, cutting, blending, buffing or polishing, premium abrasives improve efficiency and reduce the frequency of disc change. Look for a self-sharpening ceramic grain and reduced heat generation. The lightweight Trust-X Mag also reduces vibration and optimises the surface contact area.

Extracting Tools: Broken screws, bolts and fasteners are a common frustration and a huge waste of time and energy. Invest in a system to overcome this and win the battle of extraction. The unique Cryo-extract system is your best weapon for this. Quickly remove sunken, broken studs and bolts, without the need for costly spark erosion. The innovative Mill-Drill-Extract system uses a sharp, tapered flute to bite into the work without binding or chewing. It removes right and left threads, bolts, screws, pipes and studs.

Wrenches: Even a small improvement to the tools you use every day add up to big savings over time. The Autobahn system of ergonomic wrenches, described as “a technological breakthrough in speed and functionality”, combines ratcheting and adjustability. This patented design gets the job done faster, with chrome vanadium steel for strength and an ergonomic traction groove handle to reduce hand fatigue. And it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The industry-leading NCH Partsmaster range is designed and made by people that understand what it takes to maintain, repair and operate everything from ships to mines. Whatever you use your tools for, arming yourself with a specialty solution minimises repair time and maximises efficiency. And it saves money on replacing worn-out or broken tools.

Get expert advice on how you can work smarter not harder, with a partner that is invested in finding solutions to your repair & maintenance challenges. Book a consultation or site survey from an NCH specialist on +61 2 9669 0208 and start working smarter today.

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