Will Hodgman ignoring risks around Temco

  • Will Hodgman ignores major threat to the Tasmanian economy
  • No plan in place in the event of a worst-case scenario
  • Tasmanians could face higher power bills if Temco closes
  • The Hodgman Minority Government is ignoring a major threat to Tasmania’s economy and has no plan in the event of a worst-case scenario.

    Shadow Minister for Energy, David O’Byrne, said Labor was committed to working with the Government to ensure Temco remained open but Will Hodgman was so consumed by chaos and dysfunction that he had dropped the ball.

    “Will Hodgman appears oblivious to the risk faced by 250 workers and many more indirect jobs if Temco at Bell Bay closes its gates, or enters care and maintenance,” Mr O’Byrne said.

    “It is also obvious that he has not even considered the impacts such a closure would have on Tasmanians, including one that would effect every single electricity user in this state.

    “Temco is one of the biggest energy users in Tasmania and if it closes, fixed transmission costs will be redistributed across the network which means higher power bills.

    “In Parliament today, Will Hodgman was unaware of the impacts on the power bills to homes and businesses if Temco was to close.

    “The Premier needs to tell Tasmanians what measures the Government has put on the table to keep the smelter open and protect jobs and also whether it has a contingency plan for a worst-case scenario.”

    David O’Byrne MP

    Shadow Minister for Energy