Workers rally today to push for a pay rise

Thousands of workers are expected to fill North Terrace today for Adelaide’s event in a month-long series of national protests to change the rules for working people.

SA Unions Secretary Joe Szakacs (pron sock-arch)says working people are protesting to change the rules, calling for fair pay rises that stay ahead of the cost of living, and secure jobs that allow people to live better lives.

“Wage growth is at near record lows, with four out of five working people not getting pay rises that keep up with the cost of living according to an independent poll.

“We need to change the rules urgently to restore balance to our system to stop living standards going backwards.

“We need to make sure our bargaining system is fair, increase the minimum wage to a living wage, ensure award minimums improve over time, restore penalty rates, stop wage theft and ensure women have secure and equal pay.”

ACTU President Michelle O’Neill – in her first visit to Adelaide since taking on the role – says working people need the tools and power to win fair pay rises.

“Working people in Australia demand that the rules are changed.

“These political protests across Australia are aimed at making Scott Morrison and Federal politicians listen.

“Our wages are going backwards, families are struggling, and too many people are in insecure work.

“We need to bring back balance to the system so working people get fair pay rises.

“It is not right that profits are up, CEO bonuses are up, but our pay is not.”


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