2019 Community Survey

2019 Community Survey results

Wednesday 4 September

The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters’ 2019 Community Survey results suggest the Council should continue to focus on improving infrastructure, environmental sustainability, preserving and planting trees and car parking.

The Community Survey is commissioned by the Council every two years and measures the satisfaction that the local community has with the Council’s services, programs and facilities. Residents and businesses are selected at random to take part in the survey.

The results show resident satisfaction with the Council has not changed since the 2017 survey and remains at a positive 3.8 out of 5.0, with residents reporting that they are highly satisfied with access to open space, services and facilities in the City; the maintenance of parks and recreation areas; the recycling and waste collection service; and that they feel safe in the City. Traders’ level of satisfaction with the Council was also unchanged, at 3.4 out of 5.0.

Both residents and businesses placed ‘improving infrastructure’ as their top priority for the Council to focus on over the next three years.

Mayor Robert Bria said: “Improving infrastructure for our community is one of the Council’s main functions and priorities. The Council’s 2019-2020 Annual Business Plan includes investing $2.8million in upgrading and enhancing stormwater drainage across the City, to reduce flood risk to ratepayers and their property and a $3.4million capital works program to upgrade roads, footpaths and kerbing together with a focus on footpath repairs and sweeping.”

‘Environmental sustainability’ also made it into the top three priorities for both residents and businesses, with ‘preserving and planting street trees’ making up the main focal points for residents and ‘car parking’ for businesses.

“Environmental sustainability is something the City continues to strive towards and is an issue we can always do more to achieve,” said Mayor Robert Bria, “The Parade has recently been selected to take part in a pilot program to become SA’s first plastic-free precinct through which the Council, businesses and visitors can consider ways in which we can all reduce the amount of plastic which is sent to landfill.

“The Council has also commenced a three year program to plant 300 more street trees by 2020,” he continued, “This is in addition to the Council’s street tree replacement program, which ensures any street tree which is damaged, removed or dies, is replaced. Last year, the Council implemented a new planting process which provides new street trees with greater oxygenation during the first two years of life, giving the trees the best chance to thrive and grow.”

Traders also highlighted ‘car parking’ as a top priority for the Council to focus on over the next three years. Mayor Robert Bria said: “The Council has started the process of a city-wide parking review to look at current and future pressure points and development solutions that are balanced and well-considered.”

The 2019 Community Survey was carried out by Square Holes consultancy. To read the full report, please visit www.npsp.sa.gov.au

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