Abortion till birth no cause for jubilation

Right to Life Australia

“There should be no cause for jubilation in New South Wales today” said Margaret Tighe, President of Right to Life Australia “when the death knell has been sounded in the New South Wales Parliament for unborn children in the womb – abortion now being allowed up till birth.”

Margaret Tighe said “the bill has effectively unlocked the floodgates to late term abortions and will have little effect on stemming the tide of abortion in New South Wales. Abortions after 5 1/2 months of pregnancy will be accessed with little restriction.”

She continued “Doctors who refuse to perform, assist or facilitate an abortion must provide a person with information to enable them to access the abortion. Medical practitioners are unable to properly exercise their conscience objection. Doctors in rural areas who will not participate may be left with no option other than retire or move.”

She said ‘It is appalling that a baby born alive after an abortion will not be given the full protection of the law in terms of neonatal care as is provided to any other child.”

Mrs Tighe said “We are proud of the many members of the Parliament of New South Wales who were unwavering in their stand for life and posed amendment after amendment to contain this horrendous bill. This bill is not good for women, it is not good for their unborn children.”

Mrs Tighe concluded by stating “Every abortion is a voiceless death”.

/Public Release.