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UNFPA launches “2 Hours to Life” with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Precursor of spine and brain forms passively
E-cigarettes may be more effective than nicotine patches in helping pregnant women who smoke quit, and are just as safe
UK EMT gets key health facilities in Solomon Islands COVID-ready
New measure of sperm age may be predictor of pregnancy success
Association between distance to abortion facility, outcome when seeking abortion online
Great progress thanks to mini organs
New report outlines vision for safe, effective and accessible medicines in pregnancy
Treatment minimizes infants’ opioid-related brain abnormalities
Antidepressant use in pregnant women unlikely to cause seizures in their children
King’s maintains position among world’s best universities for research excellence and power
Historic Surrogacy Legislation Passes
Tough new penalties for animal welfare law breaches
Hyperemesis Gravidarum – more than “just morning sickness”
Glatiramer acetate compatible with breastfeeding
Complex Human Childbirth and Cognitive Abilities Result of Walking Upright
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to higher risk of cardiac events later in life
Patient born with organs outside of her abdomen receives transformative care
Iron-snatching compound effective against parasitic amoeba Entamoeba histolytica
Queensland’s animal welfare laws to be amended
Women advised to wait at least two years after weight loss surgery before trying for baby
Proclamation on Mother’s Day, 2022
Covid affects mental health of pregnant women
Closing gap in maternity care
Surgical training negatively impacting family relationships
How end of Roe v. Wade could shape women’s futures
New program works to save tiniest patients
Kirstin’s stillbirth story
36 per cent of female doctors have suffered pregnancy loss
Life’s gift after tragedy
Healthy lifestyle helps to prevent gestational diabetes in those at highest genetic risk
Home monitoring of blood pressure does not help to detect or improve pregnancy hypertension
Research singles out omission that might kill 27,000 people per year
Catching Covid during pregnancy increases risk of hospitalization, premature birth: national study
Australian community urged to get vaccinated against influenza update from Acting CMO Dr Sonya Bennett
Stress, anxiety and depression during pregnancy may hinder toddler’s cognitive development
Forthcoming Penal Code Should Protect Rights in Saudi Arabia
Australian shorn wool production continues steady increase
Flu Vaccinations Now Available to Territorians
New health centre to provide care closer to home for Molonglo community
Couple shares two-year infertility journey
Michigan limits reproductive health services that midwives, nurses can provide
Case for companionship in labour
Surgery resident’s breastfeeding story
Parental type 1 diabetes can affect children’s cognitive development
Study shows Black infants at risk for poor birth outcomes across Minnesota
New drug combo “promising candidate” for on-demand contraceptive pill
Two-thirds of women with anxiety & depression at breaking point