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Program providing families and children strong start to life
Mouth doesn’t lie: Peep into nation’s mouth reveal shocking truths
Potential and pitfalls of menstrual apps to be investigated
Reduction of armed conflict in Colombia led to better pregnancy outcomes, study suggests
Read UK NSC’s annual report for April 2020 to March 2021
Molecular atlas reveals how brain cells develop
Targeting dads’ postpartum stress, anxiety, depression for first time
Truth behind Covid vaccines and women’s health
Nearly Half of Surveyed Female Surgeons Experience Major Pregnancy Complications
Fetal development of brain identified down to smallest detail
1 in 5 women planning pregnancy smoke cigarettes, study finds
Vulnerable children who have lost their caregivers to Covid at grave risk of abuse and exploitation
Education replaced by shuttered schools, violence, teenage pregnancy
How do brains form? New Binghamton research studies folding, growth in fetuses
Flu season has arrived – make sure you are protected
Study strengthens argument postpartum depression different to major depression
Researcher investigates environmental pollution’s contribution to birth defects
Urgent need for anti-smoking campaigns to continue after pregnancy
Using silicone wristbands to measure air quality
Improving desexing rates this National Desexing Month
Using Race to Diagnose Anemia During Pregnancy May Increase Anemia at Delivery and Poor Outcomes
Health chiefs encourage more pregnant women to get their COVID-19 vaccine
UPMC and Pitt Tests COVID-19 Vaccine in Pregnancy and Postpartum
Filling subtropical feed gap
Smokeless tobacco used more by pregnant women in South East Asia than non-pregnant women
Researchers publish study on genomics of pregnancy-induced diabetes
Activities – General and Associated Directions Level 5 – Stay at Home 21 July 2021, South Australia
New state-of-the-art foetal monitoring system
Research to improve health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers and babies
Recognising disability to improve care
UBC community supports COVID-19 research with rapid antigen testing clinic
Study links Research refutes suspicion that dengue increases risk of microcephaly to zika
Health care providers missing opportunities to talk about sexual health with young people
Tropical fly study reveals that mother’s age and diet influences offspring health
Study challenges recommended wait time between pregnancies
Novel autoantibody adds fuel to COVID-19 ‘firestorm’ of inflammation, blood clots
Female physicians delay having children until later in life: University of Toronto study
UPMC Magee Hosts Doula Training
Immune System May Need ‘Continuing Education’ to Protect Pregnancy
Study challenges overheating risk for pregnant women exercising in heat
Researchers uncover clues about folate deficiency – and why some people face greater risk
More than two hours of daily screen time linked to cognitive, behavioral problems
Mindfulness training reduces chance of unnecessary caesareans
Biophysicists target mechanism that makes Zika virus so dangerous
Pioneering female police superintendent from Niger and General Directorate of Population for Oaxaca, Mexico
Air pollution exposure linked to poor academics in childhood
More Americans in Addiction Treatment, But Gaps Persist
Gestational diabetes increases risk of fetal hypoxia during labour