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Drop race adjustment for AFP prenatal testing, study urges
1 in 5 Pregnant Women Found Lacking Measles Immunity: Study
Police investigate serious assault at Booval
White House Discusses Reproductive Health & Women’s Rights with Black Leaders
Pregnancy Complications Up Heart Disease Risk Long-Term
B-1 Pilot Achieves New Milestone Under AF Pregnancy Policy
Study Underscores Lack of Diversity in Stock Photography Sites
Pandemic Causes Uptick in Pregnancy-Related Deaths
Seeing same midwives improves birthing experience for high-risk mothers
Launch of Global TB Platform to Share Pts’ Data
Surgeons Brace for More Abortion Complications Post-Wade
Nearly Half of Pregnant People with IPV Not Screened Before/After Birth
Baby with congenital heart disease finds winning care team
UPMC Opens New Facility for Child Behavioral Health Care
Risk of Sudden Infant Death 5x Higher in Smoking Pregnancies
Pre-eclampsia Linked to Quadruple Heart Attack Risk Post Delivery
Miracle twins Evie and Zoe defy odds to start school together
Unrecognized Role of Male Alcohol Use in IVF Outcomes
Link between Ovulation and Ovarian Cancer Revealed in Analysis
Job Risks for Women: Pregnancy Loss Linked?
Women’s Risk of Pregnancy Loss linked to Job Type
Professor Caroline Homer research world leader
IVF service aims to reduce ‘unknowns’
On top against odds
Three times fun as ‘little miracles’ head to school for first time
‘Little fighter’ Imogen ready to start new school chapter
Law Recognises Kids Born from Rape as Victims for 1st Time
Premature birth linked to poorer school grades in adolescence
Premature Births Tied to Lower Grades in Adolescence
Pandemic Pregnancies: Australians Lack Information on Covid
Higher Rates of Inflammation, Immune Activity in Pregnant HIV+ Women
Predictors of AI success
Social Media Influencers Could Lead to Unplanned Pregnancies
1 in 10 Minors Denied Court Approval for Abortion
1 in 10 Minors Denied Access to Abortion via Court
£1.8m to combat long-term effects of maternal infections in pregnancy
Retracted Paper Had Hidden Interests Behind Anti-Abortion Stance
How better planning, behavior regulation may lead to eating less fat
Better Planning, Behavior May Reduce Fat Consumption
Racism Linked to Depression in Pregnant Women
Combination Therapy Safe for Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorder
Expanding Medicaid led to decreased postpartum hospitalizations
Raising Awareness of Women’s 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Loss
Blood Test Can Forecast Placenta Accreta Risk: Researchers
Effects of Long-Haul Flights on Body
MIDAS Study Awarded Two Diversity Supplements by NHLBI
Alaska Air Guard medevacs pregnant woman
Risk of Gestational Diabetes High for Obese Women Despite Low BMI