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Zika infection after birth shown to have long term brain and behavior issues in animals
Apgar score effective in assessing health of preterm infants
How does our brain fold? Study reveals new genetic insights
Women who experience high blood pressure during pregnancy are more likely to develop heart disease
‘Morning sickness’ is misleading and inaccurate, new study argues
Ministers urged to approve effective pregnancy health warning on alcohol labels
Ohio State Study: Exercise Increases Benefits Of Breast Milk For Babies
Pregnancy stereotypes can lead to workplace accidents
New research calls for relaxation of abortion care laws in Britain and USA
RACGP offers new training for GPs on deadly rare hereditary disease
Commission evidence to FASD Inquiry
CDC updates, expands list of people at risk of severe COVID-19 illness
Study gives insights into how human fat cells are affected by age
FASD Senate Inquiry FARE opening statement
Senate inquiry into effective approaches to prevention and diagnosis of FASD and strategies for optimising life
Baby blues hit men too
Protecting children in conflict and ensuring access to education
Childhood obesity linked to smoking, air pollution and other environmental factors
Government changes contradicts overwhelming need to build mental health workforce
Researchers from Institute for Glycomics fight antibiotic-resistant gonorrhoea
Tiny molecule could protect newborns from brain damage
Defining paths to possible mother to child coronavirus transmission
Australians voice support for action on our children’s health and wellbeing
Role-play shows which expectant dads will thrive as new fathers
Research reveals how mating influences female’s life history and ageing
Male contraception clinical trial launches in Sacramento
Minister Gould announces support for sexual and reproductive health and rights
40th birthday of Australia’s first IVF baby shows fertility treatment progress
Children under five years of age reminded to get their free flu shots
Ohio State Study: Prenatal Stress Can Cause Long-Term Behavioral Deficits In Mice
COVID-19 antibody tests evaluated as diagnostic test in low-resource settings
Resounding yes to message on a bottle – global study finds broad support for alcohol warning labels
Call midwife has translated from screen into real life
NTU Singapore scientists and KKH clinicians develop urine test that identifies pregnancy outcome after threatened
ACT community creating a supportive environment for women’s alcohol-free pregnancies
Over half of pregnant women in Wales at risk of having their babies removed experience mental health problems
Chemists developing paper strip urine test for at-home/office/clinic COVID-19 evaluation
BioRescue Consortium performs most successful oocyte collection and embryo creation ever
Artificial womb improves survival rates for very smallest
Transitioning from containment to pasture
New diagnostic tool for rapid detection of Coronavirus being developed by University of Warwick and Partners
Intelligence throughout childhood to adulthood is impacted if born small for gestational age
Negative impacts of cannabis use during pregnancy
Maternal depression: seeking help sooner is better for mums and kids
How Young Embryos Conduct Quality Control
Pregnancy and birth in time of a pandemic
Pharmacist-Prescribed Contraception May Improve Usage in Younger, Uninsured Women
Risk of preterm births falls under new initiative