Boosting Health Services: NT Health Sepsis Management Plan

Todayis World Sepsis Day, a day to raise awareness about what sepsis is and knowingthe signs.

TheTerritory Labor Government is today launching the NT Health Sepsis ManagementPlan in a bid to reduce sepsis mortality and morbidity, as awareness and earlydetection means earlier intervention which saves lives.

Tfor Thomas, a foundation aimed at educating others about the dangers of sepsishas been working on the Management Plan with Royal Darwin Hospitalclinicians.

TerritorianThomas Snell was 13 years old when he lost his life to sepsis while on a tripinterstate in July 2017; a scenario his family dont want another Territory familyto endure.

Sepsiscan develop when you have an infection that does not get better. When an infection is not treated early it canspread and trigger a series of reactions in the body which can cause damage totissues and organs.

Earlyrecognition and management can save lives. Sepsis can be treated withantibiotics.

Seeyour doctor early if you are concerned and ask Could this infection be leadingto sepsis?

Toview the Management Plan visit

As noted by the Minister for Health,Natasha Fyles:

Sepsis is fivetimes more common in the Territory than more temperate climates.

Our RoyalDarwin Hospital clinicians and friends at the T for Thomas Foundation have beenworking hard to make sure this sepsis management plan is educational and cansave lives.

If you are concernedabout any infection please see your doctor and ask, could this be sepsis?

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