Calming traffic in Fitzroy North

We consulted the community late last year on ways we can improve safety and manage traffic flow in Fitzroy North.

We received an overwhelming response from the community. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute.

Based on this feedback we prepared a local area place making (LAPM) plan for your neighbourhood, and we’d like to update you on its progress.

We’re proposing a number of measures to calm traffic in local streets, while still ensuring residents are able to get around.

This includes trialling right turn bans into Brunswick Street North from Holden Street, and two median islands to help calm traffic in local streets:

  • Holden Street, at the intersection between Brunswick Street North and Dean Street.
  • Miller Street, at the intersection between Rae Street and White Street.

See what else is planned for this neighbourhood.

Trialling right-turn bans from Holden Street into Brunswick Street North

As an interim traffic-calming measure, we are implementing trial right-turn bans into Brunswick Street North from Holden Street during peak times (7am – 9:30am, and 4pm – 6:30pm Monday to Friday).

The trial bans will be implemented in June 2019, and will be evaluated over a six-month period.

Timeline: Proposed median islands trial

  • Now (March – July 2019): An independent traffic consultant is completing a thorough traffic analysis. This examines type and volume of traffic through the area, where it currently flows, and how the median islands might affect traffic and safety.
  • July 2019: We provide VicRoads with a detailed report on the proposed median trial, so they can assess how it will impact other roads. This report will include the traffic analysis. We will also share the report with other stakeholders, including the Yarra community and Moreland City Council.
  • Mid-late 2019 (approximately): VicRoads will provide us with feedback on the proposed trial medians, which may include additional factors to consider.
  • Late 2019: We will let you know about any updates to the proposed trial. You will also have the opportunity to make submissions to Council, to be considered as part of a Council report.
  • Early 2020: Council will consider a further report on the proposed trial at a Council Meeting, together with feedback from VicRoads and any further submissions from the community, then decide whether or not to proceed with the trial median islands.
  • Early 2020: If endorsed by Council, we will begin constructing the trial median islands. The trial of the islands is expected to be for six months.
  • Mid 2020: We will evaluate it the median island trial. This will include looking at how effective it is, how it impacts traffic, and community views.

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