City of Darwin Training Staff to ensure Cyclone Readine

City of Darwin is this week training key staff in cyclone preparedness, to ensure the community is in safe hands in the lead up and following a natural disaster.

Ron Grinsell, General Manager Engineering and City Services said staff had shown tremendous commitment and resilience post Cyclone Marcus in 2018 and that ongoing training was critical to the effective management of emergencies and disasters.

“It is important our staff are well trained and prepared for the cyclone season or any natural disaster,” he said.

“The community expects us, as a grassroots level government, to respond proactively and decisively during and following an emergency and communicate important messages effectively.”

“Ensuring public safety is our priority,” concluded Mr Grinsell.

Nearly 50 key staff from the across City of Darwin, representing Infrastructure, Regulatory Services, Information Technology, Parks and Reserves, Communications, Finance and Libraries, will receive intensive training in the disaster management program Guardian.

Guardian was first used following Cyclone Marcus, with more than 2700 jobs logged and the system allowing for the prioritisation of jobs and allocation of resources.

City of Darwin is reminding the community to “Prepare, Take Care and Be Aware”.

Prepare – by clearing your property of loose items that could become hazardous during a cyclone. Make sure your dog or cat is registered and microchipped in case they go missing and don’t forget to include your pets in your Cyclone Plan. During a cyclone take cover and be safe – and comfort your pets who may become agitated.

Take Care – once the “all clear” is given properties, roads, parks and open spaces may be unsafe due to fallen trees, power lines or other cyclone hazards. Avoid using the roads or entering parks until hazards are removed.

Be Aware – keep informed by listening to updates from local radio and emergency services. Check the Secure NT Website and Facebook, together with City of Darwin’s Facebook and Website to keep updated.

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