CORRECTION: BVN Takes Architecture into Virtual World


BVN Takes Architecture into the Virtual World

BVN, one of Australia’s leading architectural practices, launches BVN REAL, an independent VR production studio developed to create content for almost any spatial application including designing, selling and learning. Incubated within BVN for 4 years to advance the technology and user experience to a level that has already been globally awarded, BVN REAL is now live and available to all industries.
“Architecture is no longer bounded by its physical manifestation. The advent of mixed realities is redefining the way we experience space, learn and communicate in virtual worlds,” said BVN co-CEO Ninotschka Titchkosky. “BVN was an early adopter of virtual reality. We saw the potential in architects creating cost effective, high fidelity worlds to communicate spatial vision and the value in extending our expertise to the broader design, property and educational sectors.”
Barry Dineen, Creative Director at BVN REAL, with an extensive 14 year background in computer science and architectural visualisation, has been exploring with his team the boundaries of Virtual Reality within the architectural field.
Dineen explains: “A short while ago the only option available to experience a new environment was to watch a predetermined fly-through of a space or to expensively build a physical display or training suite. VR changes all this and through our research, development, user-testing, and iteration we have evolved a deep understanding of how people respond to VR immersion. This has allowed us to create experiences that are social, accessible, personal and ultimately more enjoyable. Virtual worlds are here to stay and we aim to make the virtual experience as great as the real one. This is an exceptionally promising medium to experience design and architecture and to support training and learning within these spaces before a building is constructed”.
To his point, Sydney based BVN Real has already collaborated with local and international clients. They have supported New York real estate startup Convene to increase sales and bring spaces to life; helped Catholic school students design and launch rockets; co-designed and prototyped new workspace solutions for BVN; and developed virtual marketing suites for the penthouse of the tallest residential tower in Sydney.
BVN co-CEO Neil Logan has been impressed with the value BVN REAL has added to the design process, especially on large and complex projects. “VR has radically changed the way we communicate design. What was once opaque to many is now transparent and easily digestible. It has facilitated better understanding of design intent and has provided the opportunity for better built outcomes. We are proud to make this service available to broader markets. In doing this we believe that we are contributing to the design of a better future”.
The production studio is a highly experienced team of design communication professionals, Game Developer Designers, 3D Visualisation Artist, VR Experience Developers and Experience Designers. Together they have garnered the interest of prestigious international award committees and won the coveted Unreal award in 2018 and received two other nominations in The AEC Excellence Awards. This awards programme acknowledges projects for infrastructure and building design that are ‘making an impact with advanced approaches and pioneering achievements’.
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