Curtis Stone gives mince a makeover

The kitchen staple transforms into an ideal meal hack

Sometimes the simple ideas are often the best. Take mince that has been ground with the ideal blend of seasoning, herbs and spices!

Coles Cooked by Curtis Mince range is unlike anything else you’ll find in an Australian supermarket. Curtis Stone has taken all the hard work out of preparing mince – the most popular item in the meat case – as part of a delicious meal by adding the ideal blend of seasoning, herbs and spices during the grinding of the mince process to deliver incredibly authentic flavours in each product – be it Chinese, Italian, Mexican or Thai – and be prepared in to a meal quickly and easily by adding only a couple of ingredients.

Coles Fresh Food Ambassador and Michelin-star-winning chef, Curtis Stone, says what gives the Cooked by Curtis Mince range its intensive flavour punch is that the seasoning is ground into the mince rather than simply applied over the top. This embeds the flavour into the meat, which perfectly delivers all the right notes when the mince is fried.

“When you’re cooking, you want the kids to smell it and be excited about what’s for dinner. The idea with this range is that because the spices are ground into the mince, as soon as it hits the pan the spices start to toast – so within 60 seconds you can smell how beautiful it is.”

According to the Dinner Diaries, which surveys thousands of Coles customers each month, approximately 2.25 million Australians will be eating one of these cuisines on any given night – 1.26m Italian; 450,000 Chinese; 270,000 Mexican and 270,000 Thai – and represent four of the top five international dishes on Australian dinner tables.

So now, thanks to Curtis and a humble pack of mince, you can cook a host of delicious, great-value meals at home in less time than you would expect to have them delivered – such as a 15-minute Thai Beef & Basil Stir-Fry. And, there’s an added extra in the praise that comes with being the chef (alongside Curtis, of course).

The mince is 100% Australian and is free from artificial colours and flavours. Each pack comes with a delicious recipe that can be prepared in less than 25 minutes.

Cooked by Curtis Mince is available now for $7.50 at Coles supermarkets and online.

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