Death of Police Dog Kaleb

It is with extremely heavy hearts that the Queensland Police Service can confirm the death of a serving police dog in Harristown earlier this morning.

Shortly before 1.30am, Police Dog (PD) Kaleb and his handler were responding to a break and enter in Anzac Avenue at Harristown.

PD Kaleb was conducting a track through residential streets and a school when they located a man believed to be involved in the break in.

As PD Kaleb ended the track around 2.45am he stumbled and lay down while returning to the Dog Squad vehicle.

His handler immediately rendered first aid, however PD Kaleb collapsed into unconsciousness.

He was rushed to a nearby vet, but sadly could not be saved.

Kaleb’s handler, Sergeant Constable Trevor O’Neill, is a very experienced officer and is absolutely devastated by the loss of his dog, partner and mate.

PD Kaleb was born on the 19th of October 2012 as part of a QPS litter. In his 5 years he has been with the service, he has been part of countless successful tracks and apprehensions.

All QPS dogs live at home with their handlers and are part of their family and the bond between handlers and their dogs makes them inseparable.

The QPS takes the safety and wellbeing of all police dogs very seriously and treats them as valued members of the police family.

When a police dog passes away as a result of an incident on duty or in training, the State Capability Coordinator (Dog Squad) conducts a review into the circumstances of the incident.

Below is a poem that sums up Trev and PD Kaleb’s commitment to making their community a safer place for everyone to live.

Vale RD Kaleb, with honour you served, and it was our honour to serve with you.

Guardians of the Night

Trust in me my friend for I am

your comrade. I will protect you

with my last breath When all

others have left you And the

loneliness of the night closes

in, I will be at your side.

Together we will conquer all

obstacles, And search out

those who might wish harm to

others. All I ask of you is

compassion, The caring touch

of your hands. It is for you that I

will unselfishly give my life And

spend my nights unrested.

Although our days together

May be marked by the passing

of the seasons Know that each

day at your side is my reward.

My days are measured by The

coming and going of your

footsteps. I anticipate them at

every opening of the door. You

are the voice of caring when I

am ill. The voice of authority

when I’ve done wrong.

Do not chastise me unduly For

I am your right arm, The sword

at your side. I attempt to do

only what you bid of me. I seek

only to please you and remain

in your favor.

Together you and I shall

experience A bond only others

like us will understand When

outsiders see us together Their

envy will be measured by their


I will quietly listen to you And

pass no judgment, Nor will your

spoken words be repeated I will

remain ever silent, Ever vigilant,

ever loyal. And when our time

together is done And you move

on in the world Remember me

with kind thoughts and tales,

For a time we were unbeatable,

Nothing passed among us


If we should meet again on

another street I will gladly take

up your fight, I am a Police

Working Dog and together We

are guardians of the night.

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