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A lot has happened at UiO:Nordic in the last few months – here is a brief overview

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New research groups

Two exciting new research groups are being funded by UiO:Nordic. “The Ambivalence of Nordic Nature: Gift, Guilt, Grace” will study Nordic conceptions of nature, focusing on the ambivalence that comes with traditional romantic notions of nature in a time of climate crisis and shame. The interdisciplinary project is led by professor of theology Marius Timman Mjaaland, and the other core participants are professor of biology Dag Olav Hessen, professor of Nordic literature Elisabeth Oxfeldt, professor of psychology Ole Jacob Madsen, and professor of philosophy Arne Johan Vetlesen.

The other new research group is “Nordic Civil Societies: Global, Transnational and Regional Encounters since 1800,” led by associate professor of history Sunniva Engh, along with associate professor Klaus Nathaus from the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH), and Ruth Hemstad, research librarian at the National Library and affiliated researcher at IAKH. The project has more than 30 participants from various academic disciplines, and includes researchers from several Nordic countries, the Netherlands and the UK. Their goal is to understand and challenge ideas about the Nordic region and the Nordic model by considering the role of civil society in a transnational and historical perspective.

Both projects are funded from 2020 to 2023.


UiO:Nordic’s research group “Living the Nordic Model” received 1 million NOK from The Research Council of Norway for their new project “Enchancing the Digital Wellbeing of Norwegian 12-17-year-olds in Collaboration with the Public Sector, Industry and Research Organisations (Digiskills).”

ReNEW and UiO:Nordic have awarded funding for eight workshops, and given mobility grants to seven researchers for a total sum of more than 700 000 NOK.

New doctoral research fellow

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Svein Gunnar Kjøde has joined “Futuring Sustainable Nordic Business Models” as a doctoral research fellow. His research centers on sustainable design.

The UiO:Nordic conversation

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