Fire restrictions end in final parts of Victoria

As the Fire Danger Period finishes in the final parts of Victoria on 13 May, CFA has urged residents across the state to exercise extreme caution when burning off.

Fire restrictions end in final parts of Victoria

CFA Acting Chief Officer Gavin Freeman said fire restrictions ended in the final areas of the state at 1.00am this morning.

District 7, 15 and 22, which take in Geelong, Ballarat and Shepparton and their neighbouring municipalities, were the last areas to finish the Fire Danger Period.

Acting Chief Officer Freeman reminded residents that while the Fire Danger Period was now over, it was still important that residents check the local conditions on the day of any burn-off they were considering undertaking.

“Conditions can change quickly and fires can get out of control within minutes in dry and windy conditions,” he said.

“The effects of an out-of-control fire can be devastating and we want everyone to exercise extreme caution.”

CFA also reminds people to always register their burn-offs so Triple Zero operators know what is happening in the area.

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