Giving back is in our blood

Across Victoria CFA people save lives every day. In 2019 they potentially saved 10,884 more – by donating blood.

Giving back is in our blood

Mount Eliza’s Norman Coleman donated during this year’s Emergency Services Challenge

Across Victoria, members made 3,628 individual donations in 2019, with about 1,000 donations coming during the three-month Emergency Services Blood Challenge, which runs from June to August every year.

Every donation of blood a person makes has the potential to save three lives, and in the case of platelet donations, support people with cancer through their chemotherapy treatment.

In 2020, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood (formerly Australian Red Cross) is focused on increasing the number of donations of plasma as it can be used to treat 18 different medical conditions including serious burns and brain and nerve diseases.

Members of Mount Eliza Fire Brigade donated blood as part of this year’s Emergency Services Challenge

“Our people are simply incredible in their capacity and willingness to give back,” CFA Wellbeing Consultant Naomi Engelke said.

“Each year we are amazed at the number of people who roll up their sleeves.

“Our people already make such a huge difference to the lives of Victorians and this generosity highlights just how strong their commitment is to others and to their communities.”

The Emergency Services Blood Challenge will start again in June 2020.

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