Good to be back in fold

Australian Medical Association/AusMed

National Conference provides a forum for delegates to raise issues, ask questions, make points, and have a say.

It allows an opportunity for some to tell their story.

Such was the case with Dr Daniel Byrne from South Australia, who expressed his delight at having re-joined the AMA after many years away. He also spoke with Australian Medicine.

“I was an AMA member in the 90s and I never felt like general practice was much of a focus for it then. I was a young doctor,” Dr Byrne said.

“I had kept across things and have been the Chair of the RACGP South Australia and Northern Territory.

“Recently, I have really enjoyed seeing what the AMA has been doing. And I’ve become quite involved with many people inside the AMA, particularly from South Australia and the last four presidents, and I have found them all very supportive, engaging and collegiate.

“So I re-joined just a few years back after many years away. I left in 1996. But in addition to working with the good people inside the AMA, I have also been very aware that at the same time the AMA has been coming out on some important issues like climate change and refugees and doctors’ health.

“To me it’s almost like 180 degrees from the AMA I remember in the 90s. I’m now on the South Australian council and feeling very much like I belong to an organisation that represents me and that stands up for health care and how it impacts so many areas.”

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